Greetings from Com2uS!

The second Winter Season will start on Jan. 11th 7am PST in Soccer Spirits!

The rival of the second Winter Season is Fuse Ro, who's the leader of Prometheus Search Team, Blood Code Z022.

He comes to Earth to research humans and to complete a mission, but he ends up crash landing his unstable spaceship.

He was near death when he was miraculously discovered by a small boy. Now all he has left are memories of soccer. He is eventually scouted to the All-Stars, who are fighting against the Galaxy League to save Earth.

Fuse Ro will be waiting for your challenge until Jan. 25th 7am PST!

Clear the 3 matches with different difficulty levels and you'll be able to get Fuse Ro with a fixed chance! Please check the Player Book for more info on Fuse Ro.



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