[Oct. 22nd Update Notice] V1.16.2

■ Update Details

  1. New Characters
  • New Extreme Evolution characters added: Z001 Veronica (Thunder) / Guinevere (Thunder) / Hiro (Light) / Dale (Dark)

  • EA08 Vayne (Thunder) have been added and will appear in the Boss Match.

Please read the Character Book for more info. The event for EA08 Vayne will be held after Alkyde. - Micki (Ardor) has been added to be given out as the Galaxy Super League Season Reward.

The Galaxy Super League Season Reward will be sent during the preseason after the Halloween Season ends. - Guinevere (Thunder) / Magnus (Whirlwind) / Sammy (Light) / Niarose (Dark) have been added to the Attribute Draw.

  • New Legendary character, Valkyrja Beth (Light), has been added.

Valkyrja Beth is only available in Event Draw and Light Attribute Draw. - New 6-Star Penguins have been added.

They're only available in the Guerilla Match and Event Scouts. (A separate notice coming soon) - Halloween Eve will be available for a limited time in the Event Scout. 20141023015113089_542.jpg

The Evolved image of Halloween Eve will be updated soon. - Metatron (Dark Legendary) / Erica ( Ardor) / Elise (Ardor) have been added in the Character Menu. They'll be coming soon!

  1. New Functions
  • New Galaxy Arena You'll be moved to the Galaxy Arena Menu when you enter PvP.

You can use the menu on top to enter the previous Super Leagues. You can select the user of your choice to battle against in the Galaxy Arena. You can play in both auto/manual mode in the Galaxy Arena. You don't get any winning points but you can get bonus stats and rewards for winning streaks. Reach 12 consecutive wins and you'll get 2x the Gold and GP rewards.

  • New Boss Event System Now you'll meet a Boss for every season and receive Boss Points every time you clear a stage related to the Boss. You'll be rewarded with a random amount of Boss Points but you'll earn more points in the Boss Match than in the Event Match and in Ultimate than in Hell.

You can purchase limited edition items in the Scout Menu during the season with your Boss Points. Limited edition items include the Boss character, special cards, and limited edition managers.

  • New Teamwork System Various events will be activated for each character when a match ends, and Teamwork will increase when you reply with an answer that the character is satisfied with.

The character's stats increase as the Teamwork increases. - Manager Slots Expanded

You'll be able to get additional slots in the following ranks. 1) Reach Rank 40 to get the Sub Sponsor Slot. 2) Reach Rank 70 to get the Sub Trainer Slot. 3) Reach Rank 100 to get the Sub Scout Slot.

The passive effects and active skills of the managers equipped in the additional slots can be used along with the main manager.

  1. Modifications
  • Tips on the game functions have been added to be displayed while loading.
  • Google Play Game Service has been added.
  • The game icon has been changed from Lucid to Hiro.
  • (Global) A separate Global Ranking has been added in the Colosseum.
  • Your ranking is now outlined in the Colosseum.
  • You'll stay on the current page when you train, evolve, and/or sell instead of being moved to the default page.
  • The strategy skills amongst the active skills have been modified so that the healing decreases gradually.
  • The counterattack resistance effect has been modified to affect only the enemy's counterattack rate.
  • Skill system has been modified so that the skills that require the ball to hit the line will be activated when the ball hits the line with a counterattack during a steal.
  • The skills system has been modified so that your turn gets priority when you get another turn due to a passive effect.
  • You can now drag to select friends.
  • The time attack requirement in the Free Match has been changed from 10 minutes to 12 minutes.
  • The player's skill cooltime will now proceed even when the player's HP is 0.
  • "Move Position" has been added to make it easier to place a friend's ace player.
  • The amount of level increase will now show when training.
  • You can now view you and your friend's PvP League grade in the profile.
  • The arrow buttons have been changed to make it easier to select friends.
  • The time remaining to collect items will be shown in the Inbox. Time limits have been added to ST and BP rewards in the Inbox.
  • AI Modifications Recovery skills won't be used if the team's HP is high. Penetration attempts have been lowered. Skills will be used thoughtfully. AI will pass the ball more effectively.
  1. Balancing
  2. Most of the active skills that consumed 2 spirits have been changed to consume 1.5 spirits. All active skills excluding recovery skills (team HP & action bar) have been changed to consume 1.5 spirits. The skill stats of strikers that consume 2 spirits have also been modified. The attack power of the active skill effect for Sharr has been changed. 5-Star: 60->50, 6-Star: 70 -> 60 The attack power of the active skill effect for Z088 Zach has been changed. 5-Star: 30->50, 6-Star: 35 -> 60 The attack power of the active skill effect for Hiro has been changed. 5-Star: 60->50, 6-Star: 70 -> 60 The attack power of the active skill effect for Ravian has been changed. 5-Star: 45->40, 6-Star: 55 -> 50
  3. Lilith's active skill will be changed to be a personal buff and to consume 1 spirit. Harvesting Season - [Strategy] Increases the attack power by 30% for 15 min and recovers by 15% of the inflicted damage (Active skill Lv. 5)
  4. Hiro's ace skills effect will be changed from "Increases Defense and HP of Light players" to "Increases attack power and HP of Light players".
  5. William's skills will be changed. The passive skill of William 5,6-Star will be changed from Endurance to Desperate. The passive skill for William after the Extreme Evolution will be changed to God of Fire's Rise from Desperate. God of Fire's Rise - Increases the attack power by 40% and decreases the inflicted damage by 40% when the HP is below 80%.
  6. Leventor's skill will be changed. The passive skill of Leventor will be changed from Serenity to Cold Heart. Cold Heart - Increases penetration power by 20% for 10 min with an attack (Accumulated up to 3 times)
  7. The attack power for Cruelty will be increased. (Lv. 5: 20% -> 30%)
  8. Critical rate will be added to Masochism. Masochism - Increases attack power by 20% and critical rate by 20% for 15 min when attacked. (Accumulated up to 5 times)
  9. The effect of With All Might will be increased. (Lv. 5: 50% -> 60%)
  10. The effect of Odin's Power will be increased. (Lv. 5: 30% -> 40%)
  11. The effect of Oracle's Will will be increased. (Lv. 5: 20% -> 30%)
  12. The effect of Vacuum Cleaner will be increased. (Lv. 5: 25% -> 35%)
  13. Effect requirement will be removed from Crack (The effect will be activated with all attacks.)
  14. The effect of Offensive Soccer will be increased. (Lv. 5: 10% -> 15%)
  15. Attack Power will be added to Dribble Technique. Dribble Technique - Decreases the inflicted damage by 40% and increases the attack power by 15% when you have the ball
  16. The effect of Heavenly Power will be increased. (Lv. 5: 20% -> 25%)
  17. The effect of Determination will be decreased. (Lv. 5: 30% -> 20%)
  18. The sub position squad bonus effect has been changed. Sub position bonus:100% -> 150%
  19. The revival time has been changed from 1 min to 2 min.

  20. Bug Fixes

  21. Fixed the problem of game info being displayed incorrectly when changing to and from Korean server/Global server.

  22. The quality of the building images in the background has been fixed.

  23. Fixed the problem of Victoria being placed as DF when taken as a friend. Victoria will now be placed as MF.

  24. Fixed the problem of the pass effect increase effect disappearing when Thunder Penetration is acviated.

  25. Fixed the problem of vampire effect not activating when penetrating and stealing with active skills.

  26. Fixed the problem of 2-Star Ravi's active skill being too strong compared to other same grade characters.

  27. Fixed the problem of the text " Starting a Guerrilla Match..." showing before entering/leaving the Space-Time Continuum when Guerrilla Matches start/end. This text will now show when you enter the away game screen.

  28. Fixed the problem of the text not displaying properly when the spirit stone effect for Sky Arena's Will activates.

  29. Fixed the problem of acquiring EXP when Swirlies are used as material. This issue occurred because Swirlies weren't excluded from the list when the EXP was increased for using lower grade characters as training material.

  30. Fixed the problem of game money disappearing when the tutorial was skipped.

  31. Fixed the problem of the ball disappearing when active skills were used after crossing the line.

  32. Fixed the problem of the star grade not showing when Irin is placed in the support slot of the 5th deck.

  33. Fixed the problem of showing the basic images when closing after tapping on the Basic tab while viewing all images before Evolution.

  34. Fixed the problem of getting the Light Penguin when the active skill of Sheryl was used.

  35. Fixed the problem of not being able to hear Zadkiel's voice.

  36. Fixed the problem of no enemies coming out on the 47th floor of the Colosseum.

  37. Fixed the problem of errors in translation for the Crystals needed to reset the Colosseum.

  38. Fixed the problem of Z211 Litz's word balloon not showing.

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