Notice warning Questions and responses will sometimes change from Base/Evo to Extreme Evolution as a reflection of the player's character/personality/story changes.
Teamwork System

Teamwork screen

Teamwork is a feature that occasionally appears on the end of the match in form of a scenario or a question revolving a present player in the team. The user gets three choices to choose, and depending on the alternative chosen, the player may either get an increase or decrease of Teamwork in form of hearts.

Superior Teamwork Status

Superior Teamwork progress

Teamwork provide bonus stats to the player, the first bar being 30 Teamwork, which provide 20% HP. Upon first reaching that bar, the player will also receive 5 crystals from completing the achievement "Our Eternal Bond".

Superior Teamwork Reset

Reset of Superior Teamwork

Reworked in the Star Bust update, there are now two types of Teamwork: Teamwork and Superior Teamwork. The latter expands the bar up to 60 and randomly yield additional stat increases. It can provide one of the following stats:

  • 20% Attack Power
  • 12% Critical Rate
  • 15% Pass Effect
  • 8% Action Speed
  • 15% Max HP
  • 10% Reflex

Superior Teamwork can be reset for free. This will set the player's Teamwork back to 30 and randomly yield a new stat.

An alternative way to increase Teamwork is to use Cupie as Training Material.

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How to add Teamwork Scenario on the Wiki?

All questions/scenarios

Scenario #1: [Player] is asking about the team's goal of this season. What should you tell [him/her]?
To win all the way, of course. Result1
Best of 4 should be our goal. Result2
Teamwork is what matters the most. Result3
Scenario #2: [Player] is asking about my ideal type of person. Should be careful about answering this...
I have very specific standards for personality, looks, values, and background. Are you interested in hearing about it? Result1
I'm all about the feeling. A spark is all it takes. Result2
I think that being able to understand each other is the most important. Result3
Scenario #3: [Player] seems to be thinking that the team has already become the best in the universe. [He/She] seems a bit too carried away. What should you do?
It's within our grasp. Result1
I would like to hear what you think is the best team in the universe. Result2
(Stick a thumb up and do a comedic dance just for the sake of laughter.) Result3
Scenario #4: [Player] is arrogantly looking down at the other team. Let's stop [him/her] from causing any problems.
You're right. This is a waste of time. Result1
The honor of our opponent is also important. Result2
That team is far from your style. Result3
Scenario #5: Does one have to make intentional fouls in order to win? Let's give [him/her] some advice.
Is winning really worth going that far? Result1
I don't see anything wrong as long as you can get away with it. Result2
Be true to yourself. Result3
Scenario #6: [Player] is having trouble deciding a name for [his/her] special move. [His/Her] options are ''Infinity Illusion Shot'', ''11th Dimension Ultra Gravity Shot'', ''Astral Space Shot'', and a few more.
I'm sure you're going to become an intergalactic fool. Result1
I..Respect your naming taste... Result2
Cool! Keep it up! Result3
Scenario #7: [Player] is all alone in the locker room worrying about the fate of the universe. Let's go talk to [him/her].
It's silly of you to worry about such things. Are you feeling okay? Result1
We must have faith in the Gate Keepers and win the Galaxy League. Result2
A mysterious villain...Bad taste, if you ask me. Result3
Scenario #8: [Player] is making a scene. [He/She]'d rather jump into space than to be eaten alive by vicious aliens.
Vicious? More like ugly. Result1
The door's over there. Result2
Are you giving up before putting up a fight? Result3
Scenario #9: [Player] is blaming the team for their pass mistakes and is questioning their soccer skills.
This needs to be analyzed and fixed. Can you help me? Result1
Passes that you prefer aren't always the right answer. Result2
It can't be perfect every time. Result3
Scenario #10: [Player] is complaining that it's boring to play only soccer every day. What should we say to [him/her]?
How about we play baseball today? Result1
No, it's not boring. Result2
If you're up for suggestions, I'm all ears. Result3
Scenario #11: It's before the 2nd half, and [Player] is complaining that we're up against an opponent that's too strong.
We should at least put up a fight so they remember us. Result1
There's nothing we can really do. Let's just get this over with. Result2
Don't give up until the end. Result3
Scenario #12: You forgot to lock [Player] and almost used [him/her] as training material! [He/She] looks very upset!
It's my fault. Result1
It was all just to motivate you to become a better player! Result2
It's your fault. Result3
Scenario #13: [Player] is confused that [he/she] won the MVP. What should you tell [him/her]?
Nicely done! We're throwing a party today! Result1
You deserve it. Well done! Result2
Aren't you satisfied with your performance? Result3
Scenario #14: [Player] is talking with the team about what they would be doing if they didn't start soccer. Let's join them.
I would've tried to find something that fits me. Result1
Something full of excitement! Result2
I would've been doing something to save the universe. Result3
Scenario #15: The team is saying bad things about [Player] for skipping practice. Time to intervene.
Do you really think that [he/she] would skip practice? Result1
Skipping practice isn't something that's in [his/her] dictionary. Result2
[His/her] love towards soccer is real. Result3
Scenario #16: [Player] is mesmerized by the majestic scenery of a dragon flying in the skies of the Iron Canyon.
I want one of those. It'll be fun to have a pet dragon. Result1
I can feel the strength of that majestic creature. Result2
Hmm...If only I could change the shape of the horns and the color of the scales. That'd be perfect. Result3
Scenario #17: [Player] seems to be worried about one of the team members that left after a quarrel. Let's talk to [him/her].
Everybody should grow up. Result1
It'll be alright. Don't worry. Result2
Let's go look for him. Result3
Scenario #18: On a day off, [Player] is looking at a passing couple with jealous eyes.
I'd love to have a stable job first. Result1
It's really hard to find the right person. Result2
If you find a [handsome man/beautiful woman], try talking to [him/her]! Result3
Scenario #19: [Player] is asking you about the one thing you want the most in the universe. What do you tell [him/her]?
(I want every day to be exciting and fun.) Result1
(I just don't want to waste a single day in my life.) Result2
(I want my dreams to come true.) Result3
Scenario #20: There's been a mistake. The team's uniform is mixed up with the festival costumes. What should you tell the team?
What's done is done. Let's come up with a new design. Result1
It's finally time for some festival-soccer! Result2
Let's split up and find the uniforms. Result3
Scenario #21: Still looking pretty heated up by the match, [Player] is asking how [he/she] did in the match.
You were picking the other team apart! It was awesome! Result1
It was pretty scary watching you so pleased with the rough plays of the opponents. Result2
You bring the best out of the team. Good work! Result3
Scenario #22: [Player] looks excited as [he/she]'s talking with the team about pets. [He/She] turns around and asks you what kind of pet you like.
I think that a baby duck following its mother is one of the most adorable things to watch. Result1
I like puppies. The loyal ones! Result2
I like cats. I like the egoistic side of them. Result3
Scenario #23: You come across [Player] thinking about the value of soccer. What should we tell [him/her]?
I'm sure you can find pleasure inside of the violence of the field. Result1
The field is a ground of hopes and dreams. Isn't that enough? Result2
I feel something when I overpower my opponents on the field. Result3
Scenario #24: [Player] is having trouble focusing on the match because of the affectionate emotion [he/she] feels. [He/She] says [he/she] must leave now to propose to [his/her] lover. What should we say?
You don't need to be the one being dragged around. Result1
You will be happy, while that feeling lasts. Result2
Think about your teammates that are counting on you. Result3
Scenario #25: [Player] blushes up and tells you that [he/she]'s happy [he/she] can play soccer with you. What should we tell [him/her]?
Me too. You're a good leader. Result1
*Smiles bitterly* Result2
Hmm, I'll prepare a rougher match. Result3
Scenario #26: [Player] is asking for special training sessions because [he/she]'s not satisfied with today's performance. What should we tell [him/her]?
Good. I'll train you until you can't stand up. Result1
If that's your wish. Result2
Sure. Let's get on to it. Result3
Scenario #27: [Player] did [his/her] best, but [he/she] failed to achieve the results [he/she] wanted and looks sad. We should say something to [him/her].
Sorry, I feel that this is on me. Result1
That wasn't enough! You have to try harder! Result2
It's experiences like this that bonds us together. Result3
Scenario #28: [Player] is asking you about what you like besides soccer.
I like board games about war. I admire famous commanders. Result1
Rugby, a sport of strength! Result2
Boxing. I like that feeling when I get hit by a punch. Result3
Scenario #29: [Player] feels [his/her] heart races when [he/she] sees Littre.
...Do you want to spend the rest of your life being with an abusive herbivore like alien creature? Result1
...Do you want a Superb Power-up? Result2
...That's not a rabbit. Result3
Scenario #30: Kuma is caught sneaking in the woman's locker room once again. We should talk with [Player] about what to do with him.
Let's make him put on Ogre's underwear. Result1
Let's make him put on [Player]'s underwear. Result2
I'm not sure if it's safe, but we can use him for leveling up. Result3
Scenario #31: [Player] continues to charge into the opponent's defense line and keeps failing. What should we do?
(Make a strategic decision.) Result1
(Guide [him/her] by kicking the ball toward the weak link in the opponent's defense.) Result2
([He/She] looks happy. Let's let [him/her] be.) Result3
Scenario #32: [Player] is being annoying with [his/her] offensive words. What should we do?
(Slap [him/her].) Result1
(Kick [him/her] out of the team if things can't be handled.) Result2
(Ignore it.) Result3
Scenario #33: It's dinner time and [Player] is staring at [his/her] carrot soup with a troubled look. What should we do?
(Eat it instead of [him/her].) Result1
(Tell [him/her] to put the carrots in the soup on Hildegard's plate.) Result2
(Tell [him/her] that carrots are good for the body and to eat it all.) Result3
Scenario #34: It's early in the morning and there are players that are having trouble waking up for the morning training. What should we tell [Player] to do?
They all need scolding. Result1
Wake them up. Kick them if you need to. Result2
(Step on everyone that's still sleeping.) Result3
Scenario #35: [Player] says that the soup tastes funny. What should we do?
It's fine. Eat up. Result1
Let's stay away from the soup, just in case. Result2
We shouldn't throw away food. Let's give it to somebody else. Result3
Scenario #36: [Player] is furious about the referee that's clearly favoring the other team. Should we stop [him/her]?
(Step on the referee's foot and pretend it was an accident.) Result1
The tougher it gets, the better it feels to win. Right? Result2
Ignore the referee. Focus on the match. Result3
Scenario #37: It suddenly began to rain heavily. You see [Player] running up ahead.
(Catch up and share your umbrella.) Result1
(Let [him/her] steal your umbrella.) Result2
(Run past [him/her] and smile.) Result3
Scenario #38: You witnessed a player on the other side putting a tack in [Player]'s shoe.
(Ignore it.) Result1
(Remove the tack and tell the manager on the other team.) Result2
(Tell [Player] who did this.) Result3
Scenario #39: During the team meeting, you find a player sleeping. What should you do?
(Leave it to [Player].) Result1
(Slap the player in the back of the head.) Result2
(Wake the player up and continue with the meeting.) Result3
Scenario #40: [Player] hurt [his/her] leg during the 1st half of the match, but [he/she] insists on playing. What should we tell [him/her]?
Don't push yourself too hard. There are a lot of matches left. Result1
Okay. You make them pay, understand? Result2
It seems as if pain is what keeps you going... Result3
Scenario #41: [Player] is wondering why the team is doing so well recently. Pick an answer.
It's all thanks to you. Result1
It's a result of team effort. Result2
The opponents are mesmerized by the beauty of our players. Result3
Scenario #42: After a meeting, [Player]'s eyes met yours a several times and [Player] asks if [he/she] has something on [his/her] face.
Yeah, Kuma's hat... Result1
I was just thinking the team became stronger, thanks to you. Result2
I was just thinking about how much you do for the team. Result3
Scenario #43: With a serious look on [his/her] face, [Player] warns you to go to the bathroom before the match.
Bathroom...It is indeed a very important matter... Result1
Why does an ordinary advice sound so strange... Result2
I'm surprised you said that. I won't ask what happened to you. Result3
Scenario #44: Preparing for the press conference, you're talking with [Player] on which player you think has the brightest future. What will you say?
You and I are already perfect. So I guess that means we shouldn't be saying our names. Result1
I can't pick just one... Result2
I think it should be you, but will you be able to return to your normal life after all of this is...Wait, I'm going off topic, right? Result3
Scenario #45: [Player] is worried that [he/she] has to face demons, black holes and other dangerous things. What should we tell [him/her]?
Look at the beautiful players! This is paradise! Result1
You're the most dangerous of them all. Result2
Makes it worth the challenge, don't you think so? Result3
Scenario #46: [Player] is making a scene about the women's uniform and underwear disappearing. Let's talk to [him/her].
I want you to form a team and catch every single bear near this locker room. Result1
...If you want to say something, it's alright. I'll be listening. Result2
Let's go tell the manager. Result3
Scenario #47: [Player] is asking if you have a special person who you would like to share happy moments with. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
I think that may be you. Result1
Every teammate there by my side on the field is special. Result2
My Nari dakimakura! She's the best idol in the universe and is super strong. Result3
Scenario #48: You find [Player] being very excited after performing an awesome play. How will you react?
Can't you do that more often?! (Cries) Result1
Nice play! Fantastic! Result2
Now we're starting to look like a team! Result3
Scenario #49: [Player] is having trouble focusing on the match. Let's help [him/her] out.
I'll teach you how to meditate to synchronize the breathing with other teammates. Result1
It's impossible to focus on a field with so many beautiful women. Result2
Just calm down a bit. You got this. Result3
Scenario #50: [Player] is questioning Kuma's status as a Gate Keeper.
He's just material for leveling up. Result1
I like how all of the Gate Keepers have different characteristics. Result2
That bear...Is a hero...! Result3
Scenario #51: [Player] doesn't like the new team advertisement video.
There's not enough fan service. Result1
It didn't portray your awesome performance. Result2
It didn't have to have the bench warmers in the video. Result3
Scenario #52: It's [Player]'s birthday. Let's give [him/her] a present.
Here! I made some cookies with the team. Result1
I stole this treasure box from Kuma. Result2
This is a championship trophy replica for you. The designs are inspired by you. Result3
Scenario #53: You see [Player]'s opponent trash talking and smirking towards [Player]. What should we do?
[He/She] is probably not even listening... Result1
Let's see how long they last. Come on guys! Result2
Tell me if you like [him/her]. Just say the words and I'll scout [him/her]. Result3
Scenario #54: The team is going to go shop. Which group will you join?
Manga, anime, and figures...! Here I come! Result1
It's time for some good food. Result2
I guess I can go to the soccer gear shop. Result3
Scenario #55: You hear that the opponent team's ace, who is also [Player]'s rival, has been severely injured and is in the hospital. What should you say to [him/her]?
Sorry for the bad news. Do you want to pay a visit? Result1
This is our chance to steal his precious collection. Result2
This won't be the end of your rival. Result3
Scenario #56: [Player] comes to you and says that [he/she] has to leave the team because of personal reasons. What should we say?
Well, I don't want to be the one holding you back. Good luck! Result1
There will always be a place for you to return. Result2
So, how does this work? Do I tap Sell? Result3
Scenario #57: [Player] is getting slow on the field and this is causing trouble. Let's talk with [Player].
I think we should come up with an action speed deck or go for counterattacks... Result1
I'll try to have the ball come your way. Result2
We can overcome this with team effort. Result3
Scenario #58: [Player] is telling a story about how an old kingdom in Valhalla was doomed because of the king.
I'm sure there were multiple reasons on why the kingdom fell. It's sad to hear such stories. Result1
So, is that king entering the Galaxy League? Result2
Pathetic...That is no king. Result3
Scenario #59: You got a couple of tickets to Veronica's live concert. [Player] seems to be interested.
These are for you, of course. Here. Result1
We're going to make it fair and gather everybody around so we can draw for the ticket. Result2
I'll give you this, so get rid of that fake ticket. Result3
Scenario #60: [Player] says [he/she] wants to cry because the goal keeper on the other team just won't go down no matter how many shots [he/she] makes.
Let's start by picking their defenses apart. Result1
Let's come up with a new strategy to give you more synergy. Result2
I'll come up with a formation that can bring the best out of everybody. Result3
Scenario #61: The team made it up to the semi-finals after counting the goal differences. [Player] asks how you feel. How should we answer?
What, are you expecting something like ["I feel like I'm in Heaven/I feel like I can fly"] or something? Result1
This is where things get serious. We're going for the win! Result2
Wow. I'm sooooo happy. Result3
Scenario #62: [Player] suggests that we have a team dinner to lighten things up. What will be your reaction?
How about we go eat salad? I'm on a diet. Result1
How could you think about eating at a time like this? I'm disappointed in you. Result2
Good idea. Let's go eat some meat! Result3
Scenario #63: [Player] is saying that [his/her] teammates are what keeps [him/her] going.
(Put your thumbs up, wink, and send a juicy smile.) Result1
(Pat [him/her] on the head.) Result2
(Just nod your head.) Result3
Scenario #64: [Player] has shown outstanding performance on both the offensive and defensive side. [He/She] is asking for your evaluation on [his/her] plays. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
You always seem to find the weak point of the opponent's defense and I love that. Result1
Your attacks are so strong the opponents can't handle it. You should keep that going. Result2
I hope you'd stop sharing small talks with your opponents on the field. Result3
Scenario #65: As [Player] said, the universe is facing a new course of destiny because of the Galaxy League. Let's talk to [him/her].
I'm sure it's going in a good direction. Result1
I feel like the universe is heading towards chaos. Result2
It's not the Galaxy League. We are the ones that are leading the fate of this universe. Result3
Scenario #66: The crowd is cheering for [Player]. [Player] seems to find this situation new and a bit uncomfortable. Let's help [him/her] out.
They're all in love with your enthusiastic play. Result1
They know you gave everything you got. It was spectacular. Result2
How about just accepting the compliments for today? Result3
Scenario #67: [Player] is impressed by the help [he/she] received from the elementals. Let's talk to [him/her].
The only problem is that they take up a lot of space in the inventory. Result1
I feel like the whole universe is cheering for us when we're with the elementals! Result2
I am so thankful to them. Result3
Scenario #68: [Player] was watching penguins play soccer and suddenly decided to raise a pet penguin [himself/herself]. Let's talk to [him/her].
Oh, that'll be so cute! Result1
It would be good to have one of each color, and when they're all grown up...Make 'em into a good meal! Result2
We can play soccer with the penguins! Result3
Scenario #69: The team will not have a match for some time. [Player] asks you about your plan.
We could ask one of the top teams for a friendly match. Result1
Hmm, wanna go shopping? Result2
I have a very hard training session all planned up for everybody. Result3
Scenario #70: It's a very intense match and [Player] falls on the ground, but a player on the other team helps [Player] up and the two exchange smiles.
Guess the match isn't that tough for you, huh? Result1
True sportsmanship! Wonderful! Result2
That player must have a heart of gold. Result3
Scenario #71: The next opponent is the Lab Rat Entry. You hear that all of the players on the other team are victims of experiments and this makes you feel uncomfortable.
That's a sad story. I'm tearing up. Result1
I feel bad for them, but that's no excuse for throwing the game. Result2
It would be rude to them if we don't do our best. Result3
Scenario #72: You're walking in a narrow ally and come across [Player] having an intense staring contest with the captain of the opposing team. What should we say?
Save the energy for the match. Result1
How about solving this with a game of rock, scissors, paper? Result2
...I see two idiots standing in front of me... Result3
Scenario #73: [Player] is surrounded by fans and seems to be overwhelmed. Let's talk to [him/her].
I hope this won't affect your performance on the field. Result1
The fans love your performance! Result2
Should've practiced that autograph like I told you. Result3
Scenario #74: [Player] scored a hat trick and led the team to a complete victory! Congratulate [him/her]!
Hmm? Didn't we win the game when we scored the first goal? Result1
That was awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing more of that! Result2
You're starting to show the world your true potential! I'm impressed! Result3
Scenario #75: A player on the other side is on the field with his arms tied up. Let's talk about this with [Player].
I feel like he's mocking us! Result1
It hurts when the whip first crackles. And the pain just keeps ramping up. Result2
He still has his two legs functioning. I see no problem with that. Result3
Scenario #76: [Player] falls to the ground after clashing with the opponent. What should we say to [him/her]?
If that's all you've got, just stay down. It's okay. Result1
Get up! The game's not over! You better not give up! Result2
Well, let's start by dropping that player's HP to 1. Result3
Scenario #77: [Player] lost to the opponent and fell to the ground. What should we do?
This doesn't look good...Can anybody give [him/her] some heals? Result1
Well, this could all have been prevented if you just consumed those Swirlies like I told you... Result2
I will avenge you! Result3
Scenario #78: You come across Sammy while walking the street with [Player]. Let's talk to her.
We'll win next time! Result1
Do you also do fortune telling? I think I'm in love. Result2
(Ignore.) Result3
Scenario #79: Lynia is cleaning the streets with the members of Jeneva Crew. [Player] is curious and wants to take a look.
We should probably ignore them and just walk by. Result1
Let's go help them! Result2
They must love volunteer work! Result3
Scenario #80: [Player] brought a drink that [he/she] says [he/she] received from the coach on the other team. It looks very suspicious especially with the dark fumes coming out of it.
The drink looks really scary...But we can't just throw it away... Result1
Throw it away. NOW. Result2
Drink it up! Result3
Scenario #81: [Player] is worried about the team's poor performance. Let's go talk to [him/her].
Everybody is not at 100%. But, I think we'll do better sooner or later. Result1
It's all because nobody on this team cares about strategy! This is nonsense! Result2
We haven't awakened our TRUE powers! We have to go further beyond! Result3
Scenario #82: [Player] is curious about the Galaxy League. What answer will help [him/her]?
It's the place where the chosen ones learn about their destiny. Result1
It's the place of dreams colliding. Result2
It's stressful because we can't prepare for extraterrestrial sanitation. We're completely exposed to all those unknown...things. Result3
Scenario #83: [Player] wants to hear about your plans on training the new players. What should we answer?
Perfect planning and perfect execution. Result1
All goes as planned...Hmm? Just ignore that. Result2
Why don't you join them and find out? Result3
Scenario #84: [Player] is being sentimental about how soccer, which was supposed to be a one time thing, became [his/her] life. Let's talk with [him/her].
Yeah, I understand you. Soccer is so much fun! Result1
Life, eh? I guess that's a bit too serious for me, but I think I understand how you feel. Result2
And that's how we walk towards our destiny. Result3
Scenario #85: [Player] is asking what to buy in the souvenir shop. Let's give [him/her] an opinion.
This is your chance to buy the hottest fashion items in space! Result1
Gate Keeper dolls! Why not! Result2
How about some presents for your parents? Result3
Scenario #86: [Player] is asking who you think of first when you win a match. Let's answer.
My teammates and their flawless play! Result1
My friends from previous life...They would be pleased to see me win. Result2
My fans! Result3
Scenario #87: This match will be held on Earth. We still have some time. What do you want to do?
Well, I could show you around and introduce you to the things on Earth. Result1
I heard that the bath products on Earth are the best in the universe. Result2
I'm going to check out the new comic issues. Wanna come along? Result3
Scenario #88: [Player] says that Hiro, a member of the Einherjar, doesn't remember why he was revived.
Hmm, a revived person that forgot his purpose...Reminds me of somebody. Result1
He'll remember someday. Result2
That's bad. I'm sure it's something important! Result3
Scenario #89: The rain has messed up the field and the enemy team seems to be determined to crush your team.
I can't stand this...I need to end this quickly and go take a shower. Result1
What a depressing weather... Result2
Well, if it's a muddy dog fight they want, let's give it to them! Result3
Scenario #90: [Player] seems to be curious about Bora's covered eye. What should we answer?
I don't know much about her, but she looks strong. Result1
The eyepatch...I wonder if she washes it. She seems to have it on at all times. Result2
That's a dangerous secret you're trying to find out about. Do you still want to know? Result3
Scenario #91: Ogre's pony tail slapped [Player] in the face!
Even his hair is a weapon! Is that even allowed? Result1
That must hurt. Result2
Ugh...Gross... Result3
Scenario #92: It's a throwing chance, but the opponent team player suddenly jumps in joy saying his baby brother is born. What should you do?
I could throw the ball and continue the match, but my honor wouldn't allow that. Result1
I guess I finally get to meet my archnemesis. Result2
Wow, congratulations! (Claps) Result3
Scenario #93: [Player] is suddenly showing massive improvement in [his/her] performance. [He/She] must've learned something during a match.
Impressive! You're the ace of this team now! Result1
You've become better. Now you need to focus on staying that way. Result2
I knew this day would come. Result3
Scenario #94: [Player] says that the Swirlies are missing.
They were sacrificed as material for a greater cause. Result1
They have wings so I'm sure they flew away. Result2
I evolved them. Result3
Scenario #95: [Player] says [he/she] forgot to use [his/her] skill points before entering the match. What should we say to [him/her]?
That's unacceptable! Result1
You can only find your true potential when you don't rely on your skills! Result2
Well, we can't do anything about that right now. Let's focus more on passing the ball. Result3
Scenario #96: You witness Fontus, the most violent and powerful creature in the universe, flying the night sky in a Santa costume.
...The stress has finally got to him. It must be that... Result1
Ugh...I want to dig my eyes out. Result2
Fontus...You sure are my archnemesis! Result3
Scenario #97: [Player] picked up a diary. It says Bell on the cover.
So, this is how the revelation begins! Result1
Oh, I'm sure going to read this! That's a joke, of course... Result2
Let's contact her and return this. Result3
Scenario #98: Sorrow suddenly flies off after seeing a shiny object in the sky.
Well, now what? Result1
Come back Huginn! Wait, is it Muninn? Result2
A crow?! Result3
Scenario #99: [Player] is irritated because her opponent has the attribute advantage over her.
It's not even a rainbow swirly match. Let's just play for now. Result1
Do I have to stop the match? Result2
It's time, [Player]! Awaken the 6th attribute and show your true powers! Result3
Scenario #100: [Player] thinks Nana on the other team actually isn't a raccoon.
That's because you haven't opened up your third eye! Result1
Isn't that the same with all other beastmen? Result2
Hmm, her tail is a bit weird and her ears are definitely human... Result3
Scenario #101: [Player] is looking excited and asks how the match went.
The other team went home crying! Result1
They were a worthy opponent. Result2
I led our team to victory with wedgies! Result3
Scenario #102: This was the worst game in your entire life...[Player] comes to you to cheer you up.
Please explain why you kicked the ball into our goal post, will you? Result1
Thanks...I know you're the one that's the most devastated...Let's do better next time. Result2
Thanks. You always know how to get me back on my feet. Result3
Scenario #103: You're talking to [Player] about what you would do if the world ends tomorrow. Let's tell [him/her] your answer.
I would say goodbye to all my friends. Result1
If it's the end of the world, I'd pull of a crazy performance in a densely populated area before I go! Result2
Hmm, there's a guy I'd like to beat up before I die. Result3
Scenario #104: [Player] is worried about all of the powerful beings that will be competing in the Galaxy League. Let's say something to [him/her].
It's only a sport! The strongest team wins, and we are strong! Result1
I'm sure everybody is feeling the same way you feel. Result2
Aren't you the one everybody should be afraid of? Result3
Scenario #105: [Player] is training hard to become scouted like the players that moved to teams that offered better conditions. Let's give [him/her] some advice.
I hope you get scouted by an interesting team. Result1
Make the scouters fall in love with your performance! Result2
Let's make that our goal and make it happen. Result3
Scenario #106: [Player] isn't pleased with the team's recent plays. [He/She] feels that the plays have become somewhat repetitive and dull.
Let's all talk together and figure out what the problem is. Result1
Let's invest some Crystals and get new players! Result2
We may have to go rough on the team and make them realize the problem. Result3
Scenario #107: With back to back matches, the team is exhausted. Let's talk to [Player] for solutions.
We won't be able to win the league if we fail to overcome this. Result1
I guess it's time the benchwarmers get a chance. Result2
How about we put that advanced technology of Metro City to use? Result3
Scenario #108: The team manager ran away with all of the team's money. What should we do?
We could start a reset marathon. Result1
We're going to hunt that manager down and take back our money. We will show no mercy! Result2
Let's ask for help to the League officials on this planet. Result3
Scenario #109: You were taking a walk in the Nadir forest with [Player] and came across Enthia standing in the middle of a burnt part of the forest.
Let's give her some space. Result1
I could really use some grilled sweet potatoes and chestnuts. Result2
There's no time for tears! Find out who did this and bring justice! Result3
Scenario #110: Nari is dancing and singing a song about the galaxy.
The stage is so majestic! It's awesome! Result1
This proves that even the aliens like Nari. Result2
I think she's something more than just an idol. Result3
Scenario #111: According to [Player]'s words, Tyler went to school 1 year earlier than William.
I want to see Tyler's true characteristics. Result1
William doesn't know how to respect his seniors. Result2
I thought they were just friends. Result3
Scenario #112: [Player] thinks [he/she] knows who Lynbell's brother is. What should we do?
First, let's look for a way to bring him back to normal. Result1
Of course we should tell Lynbell! What are you waiting for? Result2
...Sometimes, the truth is better to be left a secret. Result3
Scenario #113: [Player] won a trip around the world from a radio event!
What about soccer? You'll have to go through me to go on that trip! Result1
Hmm, come back to me with a vacation plan. Result2
...World? What about space? Isn't that more interesting? Result3
Scenario #114: [Player] suggests that we visit the Celestial Castle, which is a place that the baby angels live.
What's the agenda here? Are you trying to taint the pure angels? Result1
This is a good chance to show the baby angels how rough soccer can be! Result2
That would be wonderful! I'll go ask for permission. Result3
Scenario #115: The opponent team barges into the field and mocks your team saying your team is better off playing foot volleyball.
Let's see what you have to say after the match. Result1
I didn't know I was a talented foot volleyball player! Result2
Care to receive the ball with your face? Result3
Scenario #116: You're sick and in bed when [Player] and the teammates come to cheer you up. What will your response be?
You guys...I'm about to cry... Result1
I'm sorry...I should be giving you guys some tea or something, but... Result2
Get closer so I can spread my germs! Result3
Scenario #117: The match and the concert that [Player] was looking for start at the same time...
Let's hack the big screen so we can see the concert! Result1
Channel that sorrow and rage towards your opponents and make them pay. Result2
I'm sorry that you couldn't go. Result3
Scenario #118: [Player] wonders why Castor twitches whenever he sees Beatrice.
Long ago, he was disgraceful towards a dragon emissary. Result1
The character story left him a trauma. Result2
Maybe he just wants to duke it out. Result3
Scenario #119: MX54 Butcher is closing in on a cat with a suspicious smile.
Stop right there! Result1
Excuse me, but do you have an appointment with that cat? Result2
...Maybe he just likes cats! Result3
Scenario #120: The match started and [Player] is standing still doing nothing.
What is [he/she] doing? Is [he/she] a totem? Result1
Run! Just start running! Result2
Looks like we'll have to do without [him/her]. Result3
Scenario #121: You find [Player] depressed for not playing well during the match. Let's cheer [him/her] up.
Don't mind it. It's our fault. We weren't able to make use of your strength. Result1
You did well and I thank you for that. Result2
It's not your fault that you fell during the match. Don't worry about it! Result3
Scenario #122: [Player] is questioning your promise to make the best team ever. It's time to redeem yourself.
Don't be all negative because there were some mistakes. You're a precious part of this team. Result1
Don't be anxious. Have faith and keep following me. Result2
That's why I need your help. Result3
Scenario #123: You come across [Player] being lost and wandering around while going back to the lodging. Let's talk to [him/her].
Are you feeling alright? Result1
Don't use that ability on the field... Result2
Don't worry, I'll go with you. Result3
Scenario #124: [Player] is asking about your thoughts on meeting an extraterrestrial being. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
I'm afraid to be honest. Result1
I was always looking forward for that moment. Result2
Stay by my side and make sure I don't make any mistakes, will you? Result3
Scenario #125: [Player] is having trouble with continuing nightmares. Let's talk to [him/her].
I'll sleep by your side tonight. Result1
I see. We must be careful. I'll be watching over you. Result2
It's just a dream. Forget about it. Result3
Scenario #126: [Player] is stressed out saying [his/her] opponent has the upper ground on every aspect. What should we do?
You can overcome this like always. Right? Result1
It's not your fault. It's your mistakes that took the opponents off guard. Result2
Let's solve the problems one by one. Result3
Scenario #127: [Player] seems to be satisfied with the perfect team work. Let's talk to [him/her].
It's thanks to you! Thanks for listening to my instructions! Result1
I'm starting to see true strength in this team. Result2
Perfect! No mistakes made! Result3
Scenario #128: You come across [Player] who is limping. [He/She] says it's nothing. What should we do?
I think I'll get injured too if you're on the field. Please sit on the bench. Result1
Trust me and your teammates. Sit this one out. Result2
Don't push yourself too hard. Get off the field if you don't think you can continue. Result3
Scenario #129: You visit [Merlin/Marilyn]'s house and see Hildegard eating ramen.
Can't you cook ramen by yourself? Result1
Ramen, that's a dangerous food to cook. Result2
Is Marilyn your mother or nanny? Result3
Scenario #130: You're watching the storm with [Player] and you spot Princess Meiran taking a walk while humming.
Is something troubling her? I'm having a bad feeling. Result1
What's wrong with her? Result2
She shines even in the darkest storms! How gorgeous! Result3
Scenario #131: [Player] looks nervous because the team will be moving to the planet where the next match will be held by taking a space shuttle without the help of Littre.
Did you prepare your meds in case you get space-sick? Never mind, I'll prepare the meds. Result1
Don't worry. Leave it up to me. Result2
Littre will be fine. Result3
Scenario #132: [Player]'s opponent is smiling whenever they confront each other on the field. [Player] seems to be nervous. Let's talk to [him/her].
That player is just messing with you. Result1
I think that player likes you. Result2
You're doing fine. Don't play your opponent's game. Result3
Scenario #133: Baltheon, who was upset when he was asked about his past, suddenly started to feel better when he saw [Player].
I think he felt better because of the positive energy you always have around you. Result1
Maybe he got embarrassed for being obsessed with his past? Result2
You saved us all from that awkward moment by tripping on your own foot. Result3
Scenario #134: The members of Siena Celtron are furiously searching the stadium for Kuma.
Kuma alert! Get back to the shelter! Result1
Let's ignore them and get ready for the match. Result2
Let's give them a hand. Result3
Scenario #135: The game ended as a tie, but it seems that the competition between [Player] and [his/her] opponent isn't over yet.
You better win that fight! Result1
Hey! The match is over! Result2
I've never seen [him/her] worked up that much. Result3
Scenario #136: The team will be cleaning up the lodging. What will you have [Player] do?
(Give [him/her] instructions so that [he/she] can do [his/her] share of the cleaning quickly.) Result1
(Let [him/her] take some of the team members and allow them to clean freely.) Result2
(Let [him/her] clean, but warn [him/her] not to cause any trouble.) Result3
Scenario #137: The opponent team is spreading rumors that they lost because your team played dirty. What should we do?
Well, you did get dirty by falling in the dirt. Result1
We didn't play dirty, right? Result2
They will never learn with an attitude like that. Result3
Scenario #138: A player on the other team says soccer became enjoyable after confronting [Player]. What should you say?
Well, [Player] does have that kind of charm. Result1
Well, you're as cute as [Player]. Result2
I hope you two become good rivals. Result3
Scenario #139: [Player] is angry about the opponent's resilient attack on you. What should we say?
Don't worry about me! Do your job! Result1
Can you peel this guy off of me? Result2
Don't come over here! It's dangerous! Result3
Scenario #140: Latios is chatting with [Player] after the match. Let's barge in.
Don't you think about sneaking [him/her] out. [He/She]'s our pretty [boy/girl]. Result1
[Player] was fantastic on the field, right? Result2
I'm looking forward to our next match! Result3
Scenario #141: [Player] says [he/she]'s the center of the team and asks if you agree with [him/her]. How should we answer?
Of course! Everybody is counting on you! Result1
Well, your sarcastic jokes are an essential part of the team's strength. Result2
I'm sure that you're being a good influence to the team. Result3
Scenario #142: [Player] asks you about your plans after winning the Galaxy League. Let's give [him/her] a sincere answer.
I guess I'll be chasing you on the road of glory. Result1
I want to see everybody smile. I think that'll make me happy. Result2
I'm going to make a joke before I start crying! Result3
Scenario #143: [Player] is getting suspicious about how all the Gate Keepers are in the form of different animals.
Do you think they'll be tasty? Result1
I think they're cute and elegant if you leave out the pig and bear. Result2
I'd like to keep one as a pet. Result3
Scenario #144: [Player] looks excited to see a comet shower, which is a rare sight. What should we say to [him/her]?
Where do you think those comets are going? Result1
Do you think any of those comets are populated? Result2
The space has prepared this beautiful stage for you. Result3
Scenario #145: [Player] says [he/she]'s having trouble dealing with the young players. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
They're young but they have passion. Result1
Yeah, I mean they could get hurt. Result2
Teach them how adults play soccer. Result3
Scenario #146: [Player] wants to know what the Swirlies really are. Give [him/her] an answer.
Beginner level monsters in an RPG game. Result1
Thankful beings that will be our +160. Result2
I'm planning to make a whole line of merchandise with them as the character. Result3
Scenario #147: [Player] is saying that the universe needs more than stars to brighten it up. Let's talk to [him/her].
Life is a light of its own. Result1
That's deep. I think it's cool. Result2
How about we make it to the top of the Galaxy League and shine the universe with the light within us? Result3
Scenario #148: [Player] says [he/she] was cornered by the team which was devastated by the loss streak.
Tell them they should remember that they play for you. Result1
Just hear them out and smile. They'll feel better. Result2
You can point out their mistakes and flaws but still keep things humorous. Just don't go too sarcastic on them. Result3
Scenario #149: [Player] says that Bell seemed depressed when [he/she] told Bell that Minerva's throne is empty.
It'll be better if you don't show her that you're sorry. Result1
Did she think that you'll take over the throne? Result2
I sense that there's something she hasn't told us yet... Result3
Scenario #150: [Player] seems to get along with the opponent player. What should we tell [him/her]?
Congratulations! How did you guys get along? Result1
Don't forget that we exist! Haha! Result2
Good for you! I know it's hard for you to find someone at your level! Result3
Scenario #151: [Player] is deeply focused on Jill's diet story. What should we do?
I don't think you need to worry about a diet. Result1
You're playing soccer! You're fine! Result2
Please don't forget about the match. Result3
Scenario #152: [Player] says [he/she]'s going to meet up with Kiki and asks if you have any questions.
Is her name really Kiki? Result1
Ask her if she likes you and if she wants to join our team. Result2
Tell her to be our lap cat. Result3
Scenario #153: Kei and Virgil are fighting again and [Player] seems to be troubled. What should we do?
If you guys keep giving [Player] trouble, I swear to god I'll use you both as special training material. Result1
If you had to choose one of the two, which would it be? Result2
You both need to be disciplined by [Player]. Result3
Scenario #154: [Player] is having a delightful chat with a girl that's holding a turtle.
You seem like the princess...Scratch that, the queen. Result1
She seems like a nice girl. Result2
It's nice to see two people of different class have a delightful chat. Result3
Scenario #155: [Player] went to take a look at the opponent team and got caught. What should we do?
We should think about how to make fun of [him/her] when [he/she] comes back. Result1
I feel sorry for the other team. Result2
[Player] is in danger! We have to save [him/her]! Result3
Scenario #156: [Player] claims [he/she] saw Sophie of team Atlanta coming out of the men's room. What could be the case?
She must've made a mistake. Result1
Maybe Sophie is actually a male...? Result2
I don't care what the case is. Result3
Scenario #157: [Player] seems very nervous to confront Kei of the Rescuer.
Be careful not to be stomped on... Result1
We can do this! Let's go! Result2
Don't be nervous! Don't you trust your teammates? Result3
Scenario #158: [Player] says that the captain of team Scout Entry seems to take good care of the team members.
Well, I'm better than him because I'm in love with this team. Result1
That's strange. I thought he was more of an authoritative character. Result2
Yeah, they get along pretty well. Result3
Scenario #159: You enter the lodging feeling lonely on your birthday. The team greets you with a surprise and [Player] hands you a present.
(A cute and pretty pendant) Result1
(A surprise box! Inside it there's a cool wallet.) Result2
(A choker with a pretty radical design.) Result3
Scenario #160: [Player] says that [he/she] thinks Alkyde looks at Fontus in a funny way. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
That's a mixture of mockery, sympathy, and love. Result1
I think she likes him. Result2
Maybe she's up to something. Result3
Scenario #161: [Player] is asking about what's the most important condition in winning today's match. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
We need a decent level of personal performance. Result1
What could it be? Money? Luck? Weather? Hmm? What? Result2
Wreck the other team. Result3
Scenario #162: [Player], who is determined to make everything in [his/her] life, even [his/her] dreams, about soccer, asks you what it's like to dream about soccer. Let's think about it.
It was an intense feeling as if I was going against the strongest team in the universe. Result1
I've never dreamt about soccer. Result2
I've been chased by a soccer ball monster in my dreams. It was terrifying. Result3
Scenario #163: [Player] announces that [he/she] will become an influential player that changes the league completely. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
You'll have to compete with me! Result1
I feel bad for the players that have to face you. Result2
I have faith in you. Result3
Scenario #164: [Player] is depressed thinking that winning the Galaxy League is a goal that can't be achieved. What should we say to [him/her]?
That doesn't change what we must do. Result1
Come on, cheer up. You're not being yourself. Result2
Stop whining. I like it better when you're arrogant and sarcastic. Result3
Scenario #165: [Player] wants to cherish every precious meeting with other people and beings. [He/She] wants to be good friends with everybody. Let's talk to [him/her].
I'm surprised you care so much for your friends. Result1
Nothing is eternal, but that doesn't make it insignificant. Result2
It'll be pretty exciting if we could stay the same even after 10 years. Result3
Scenario #166: It seems that [Player] is lost in the Nadir forest. What should we do?
Listen carefully and you'll find [him/her]. Result1
Let's ask Khirel to find [him/her]... Result2
[Player]? Nah, [he/she] never gets lost. Result3
Scenario #167: You find [Player] lurking around the food corner at the shopping center. What should we say?
Hello! Have you come here to buy food for dinner? Result1
Stop wandering around the kids snack corner! Result2
Hmm, I guess you're more domestic than I thought. Result3
Scenario #168: [Player] says [he/she] doesn't understand why other angels are afraid of Uriel. [He/She] thinks Uriel is a very kind angel.
I think you two have something in common... Result1
Maybe that's just because she's the leader of that group. Result2
Hmm? That is odd...What do you think about this? Result3
Scenario #169: A teammate is being stubborn about going out on the field while having a very severe fever. What should we do?
I'll tackle him down! Knock his lights out! Result1
Don't kill him, okay? Result2
We're taking him to the doctor even if that means by force. Help me. Result3
Scenario #170: [Player] wants the team to enter the Underground League on Earth. What should we do?
That seems like a dangerous idea...Let's not make any quick decisions. Result1
What about just watching? Result2
Sure. Let's beat them all and take the prize money! Result3
Scenario #171: [Player] caught a player on the other team spying on your team's practice. What should we do?
I think we should hang [him/her]. Result1
Why don't we take this opportunity to see how our opponents are practicing. Result2
You came to see my marvelous moves? I'm flattered. Result3
Scenario #172: The middle fielder on the other team is too powerful. Let's give [Player] some orders.
Pass? Shoot? Forfeit? Argh! Just make a run for it! Result1
Make him know who he's up against. Result2
Let's try out some forward passes. Result3
Scenario #173: Something must have startled Beelzebub. He has entered the field and is making a scene.
It's time we use him as training material. Result1
Stop right there, pig! Result2
Team! We're having sauteed shredded pork for tonight! Result3
Scenario #174: You come across an opponent player limping, because of getting injured during a match against your team. [Player] seems to be worried.
Weakling. Should've been rougher on that player. Result1
It's unfortunate, but that's something that happened during a match and it's not our fault. Result2
Let's just go. That player will also feel uncomfortable if we keep standing here. Result3
Scenario #175: [Player] came back without a penny after marching into the Casino.
What happened to you? Do you want me to lend you some money? Result1
I'm sure you got scammed. Result2
I hope that wasn't all you got. Result3
Scenario #176: James is fighting Akane after ambushing Yuri, and Bora is slowly making her approach from a distance.
...We should get out of here. Result1
...It's about to go down...! Where's the popcorn? Result2
James and Bora...Who's the villain? Result3
Scenario #177: [Player] is sad that the World Tree in Umbra has withered. What could we say to cheer [him/her] up?
We'll find the ones that did this and use them as fertilizers. Result1
It's a big tree. It'll stand strong. Result2
Who could've done such a hideous thing? Result3
Scenario #178: Mimi continues to praise Princess Meiran and it's likely that this isn't going to end any time soon. [Player] seems to be sick of this.
Okay! Now I'll tell you all the good stuff about [Player]! Result1
Iron Claw! Result2
Oh, there's Princess Meiran! (Runs away) Result3
Scenario #179: [Player] looks startled after learning the underworld actually exists.
It's space. Anything can exist here. Result1
How about we ask Jeunese? Result2
Sounds like a more boring place than Cruzentes. Result3
Scenario #180: The team is in a slump and you take the team out for refreshment. Talk with [Player] to set some simple rules.
This team is a mess. Gather everybody on the field. I'll knock that spirit back into you guys if I have to. Result1
Let's split up and meet back here for dinner. Tell everybody to enjoy their free time. Result2
Come on, I'll show you the best spots around! Result3
Scenario #181: [Player] is asking you what you think is it that makes this team great. You weren't expecting this, but you should give [him/her] an answer.
We have a strong lineup of players that make our star players shine brighter. Result1
Well, you're looking at the one person that is making this team great. Result2
You. I know you're doing much for the team without taking any credit. Result3
Scenario #182: [Player] is angry because [he/she] was criticized by [his/her] performance and is asking your opinion. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
I want to practice with you, if that's okay with you. No? Result1
I admit it. You're the best in the team. Result2
I'm sure the lesson here is that all of us need to learn. Result3
Scenario #183: [Player], who has shown absolutely superb chemistry with you, is embarrassed and says [he/she] didn't do all of that because of you. What should we say?
Stop being embarrassed and just accept the compliments, will you? Result1
Yeah? Well, I did what I did for you. Result2
I know. Result3
Scenario #184: [Player] wants to have an academic conversation about the 5th dimension, string theory, and other infamously hard space theories. Why...?
([He/She] wants you to be a good listener.) Result1
(There must be a reason why [he/she] started this conversation.) Result2
(Maybe [he/she] brought snacks but is too shy to share it with me.) Result3
Scenario #185: [Player] looks disappointed about the size of the Galaxy League. What would be an appropriate response?
Nervous? Trust me. I got you. Result1
What were you expecting? An intergalactic war? Result2
Isn't it awesome to see the galaxy come together for soccer? Result3
Scenario #186: [Player] seems to be uncomfortable to hear about the love life of other teammates. Let's talk to [him/her].
It's all good as long as it doesn't affect the match. Result1
Should we join the club? Result2
Just say it. You're jealous. Result3
Scenario #187: [Player] is talking about how famous [his/her] rivals are in the Galaxy League. [He/She] seems jealous. Let's talk to [him/her].
You're as good as they are, I'd say you deserve more credit. Result1
Good rivalry brings both sides to higher levels. Result2
I'll be your rival from now. Result3
Scenario #188: [Player] is furious about how Lucian is always surrounded by girls. What should we say?
Are you jealous? Result1
He's popular, just not as much as me. Result2
He's good looking and has a good personality. Maybe that's why. Result3
Scenario #189: Kirin suddenly appears, pats [Player] on the head while teasing [him/her], and then goes away. [Player] seems angry...
He's like the wind. There wasn't even time to chat. Result1
...I think you liked it more than you thought... Result2
Patting you on the head? He must not fear for his life! Result3
Scenario #190: The team is at Metro City. [Player] seems to be surprised how the people of Metro City have mechanical bodies.
I like how they don't mind physical flaws. Result1
I like how even the minority can be saved in this society. Result2
You have a heart of gold. Result3
Scenario #191: Kuma is furiously chasing Ogre. [Player] seems confused.
Two bears...Which one is Kuma? Result1
Well, one thing is for sure. One of them did something stupid. Result2
Looks like Ogre is goofing around. I mean the guy has like over 200 pounds over Kuma. Result3
Scenario #192: [Player] is spreading the happy news about [his/her] cousin having a baby. Let's congratulate [him/her].
Congratulations! Result1
So, the numerous baby clothes you've been making were all for this day? Result2
I hope that baby comes to be a great soccer player, just like you. Result3
Scenario #193: The team seems very nervous facing Skalardra. What should we do?
Hmm? What's wrong everybody? Result1
Political power means nothing on the field. Result2
Huh? I think [Player] is prettier. Result3
Scenario #194: [Player] refuses to listen to anybody's advice saying he's the best and he doesn't need any advice. Let's talk to [him/her].
Are you angry because I wasn't there to oversee your training? I said I'm sorry! Result1
Well that's absolutely fine if you can actually prove that you're the best. Result2
That's not like you... Result3
Scenario #195: [Player] is interested in Selena and is asking for your opinion. What should we say?
She's kind and sweet. Maybe you'll have a shot? Result1
Be honest and show a sincere attitude. Result2
Considering your personality, I think she'll accept you. Result3
Scenario #196: [Player] seems to be interested in the Micrinum from Kiri, which is said to be good for beauty and anti-aging. Let's talk to [him/her].
I think that's a good choice. Result1
Looks aren't important when it comes to soccer. Result2
You're young and good looking even without that. Result3
Scenario #197: [Player] seems to be determined to crush the opposing team. Let's give [him/her] some advice.
That's the spirit! Let's teach them a lesson! Result1
With your skills and dedication, I have no doubt that you will. Result2
I like how you're doing your best. Result3
Scenario #198: [Player] looks sad because [he/she] feels [his/her] friendship with a friend in a rival team is falling apart. What should we say to [him/her]?
It's not your fault. Let's try to find out why this is happening. Result1
Try starting off with some small talk. Result2
If your friend is truly your friend, [he/she] will understand. Result3
Scenario #199: It's a tough match, but [Player] is standing tall and encouraging the team. What should we say to [him/her]?
You really help us a lot in these situations. Result1
You're a good person. Result2
Your spirit is an inspiration to us all. Result3
Scenario #200: A teammate that is a former member of the Dark Sisters is down sick, suffering from the aftermath of performing exorcism. Let's talk with [Player] about what to do.
Let's go visit her. Some fun won't do any harm. It might even cheer her up! Result1
Let's leave her alone. She may find all this attention uncomfortable. Result2
Let's be prepared to take care of her in case her sickness gets worse. Result3
Scenario #201: [Player] asks what you think is the most important ability in soccer. Give [him/her] an answer.
Excitement and elegance. The fans love it. Result1
Fair spirit and sportsmanship. Result2
Getting to know your opponents up to the point of falling in love with them...And then crushing them. Result3
Scenario #202: [Player] is criticizing the male teammates that were mesmerized by Lilith during the match. It's your job to defend your teammates.
This could all be avoided if we become mesmerized by you. Do as you please. Result1
I think they're also mesmerized by you. You have a charm that matches a demon... Result2
As pathetic as they are, let's let this one slide. Result3
Scenario #203: Being too excited, [Player] is overreacting while talking about the game. It seems [he/she] wants people to agree with [him/her].
I've never seen you so excited! You did a great job out there! Result1
You're excited only because you got the chance to shoot the ball without any restraints against that player you like. Result2
Yeah. The sight of you running on the field was marvelous. Result3
Scenario #204: [Player] is asking what it would be like to date an alien. Give [him/her] your opinion.
I believe it'll be romantic. Result1
I guess the platonic side would be important. Result2
I believe there was an old movie about an alien infiltrating a spaceship... Result3
Scenario #205: [Player] heard stories about the world of the demons and asks what you think it'll be like.
It'll sure be dangerous, but I think it'll be a place full of thrills and wonders. Result1
Whatever you do, just pray not to confront team Nightmare. Result2
I guess you can make friends even in a place like that. Result3
Scenario #206: [Player] asks what your plans are for the holidays when there's no training or match. Give [him/her] an answer.
(Spy on the teammates to see if they're doing anything funny.) Result1
(Stalk the person I secretly love to make sure [he's/she's] not seeing anybody.) Result2
(Meet up with my lover.) Result3
Scenario #207: [Player] seems to be planning to enter for the Galaxy League Mascot Contest. Let's talk to [him/her].
I mean...You may intimidate the crowd...But I guess that could be your charm? Result1
Mascot? More like a super model. You're too good looking to be a mere mascot. Result2
I think it'll suit you well. Result3
Scenario #208: [Player], who seems to be interested in Eve, is asking your opinion about her. What should we tell [him/her]?
I'm worried that you two may go around causing trouble if you two are together. Result1
Maybe she would be too much for you. Result2
Maybe you could become a couple if you really really like her. Result3
Scenario #209: Recently, [Player] seems to enjoy chatting with Jin. [He/She] thinks Jin is funny. Let's talk with [him/her].
I can't believe he's still an active player even at that age. Result1
Oh how much I'd love to show you what his 'true' form is like. Result2
I didn't know you were into old men. Result3
Scenario #210: [Player] is thinking about how to resist the psychological and mental attacks that the demons enjoy using. Let's give [him/her] advice.
How about you just go with the flow? Result1
If they choose to attack you...Be careful. Result2
Maybe acting like a demon would help? Result3
Scenario #211: [Player] is worried about Vermilion Bird. [He/She] thinks something is troubling Vermilion Bird.
Maybe this is something about love and hate. It may be something serious. Result1
Didn't [he/she] grow up being friends with the princess? I think I know what's going on... Result2
Maybe being the heir of an honorable family has its burdens. Result3
Scenario #212: [Player]'s uniform is all messed up because of the filthy plays of [his/her] opponent. What should we do?
(Give him a new uniform.) Result1
(Tell [him/her] that it's not the opponent showing affection and it's nothing but foul plays.) Result2
(It won't be long until the opponent becomes mesmerized by [Player]'s charms.) Result3
Scenario #213: A defender on the other team seems to have fallen in love with [Player] and is chasing [him/her] around the field. It looks like the player forgot about the match. What should we do?
Nobody can resist that charm of yours. Result1
Come to me! I'll take care of it! Result2
That's like playing with fire. Result3
Scenario #214: Kaidormu of the United Explorers is praising [Player]'s plays. Let's add in.
Be careful not to fall in love with him. Result1
Yeah, [he's/she's] as charming as you! Result2
You just got praised by Kaidormu! That's awesome! Result3
Scenario #215: The team became furious after seeing [Player] fall by the focused attack of the opposing team and used that fury to win the game. Let's say something.
You did well. Don't worry! Result1
You can rely on your teammates in situations like this. Result2
Your beauty is a curse... Result3
Scenario #216: [Player] is having trouble finding a Spirit Stone that fits [his/her] needs and taste. Let's give [him/her] advice.
How about Metatron's Will? It's cute with the butterfly decorations. Result1
I recommend the pure Paradise of Light. Result2
What about Silent Cold? You'll be able to hold on to your opponents. Result3
Scenario #217: [Player] is asking about the whereabouts of a teammate that hasn't seen for quite a while. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
You said you want to be with him...So I used him as material for your special training. Result1
I used him as training material so that he could be useful to you. Result2
I sold him. We were in need of Gold. Result3
Scenario #218: [Player] is planning to go on a blind date with a close teammate. Should we say something to [him/her]?
Just stay out of trouble. Result1
Come talk to me before you fall in love at first sight. Result2
Don't get greedy and go for all of the women. Result3
Scenario #219: It seems that [Player] is wondering what to do after a teammate proposed to [him/her]. It doesn't seem that [he/she]'s not entirely uninterested. What should we do?
Just make sure that it doesn't affect her on the field. Result1
Why don't you start with trading diaries? Result2
It's not you to be kind to everybody. Just go and say no. Result3
Scenario #220: [Player] is teasing [his/her] opponent that is having a hard time chasing [him/her]. What should we do?
What are you going to do when that player falls in love with you? Result1
Well, that player is kind of cute... Result2
Stop goofing around and play the game. Result3
Scenario #221: You come across [Player], who was overwhelmed by [his/her] opponent throughout the game. Let's cheer [him/her] up.
Those scumbags played dirty. Ugh, I'm angry! Result1
I should step on that player's foot next time. Result2
I'm proud that you played your game and didn't descend to the opponent's level. Result3
Scenario #222: [Player] is complaining about a teammate and is asking for your opinion.
If you're better than your teammates, you should be the one to be considerate. Result1
I'm not comfortable with this conversation. Result2
He can be irritating. Result3
Scenario #223: [Player], who is always suspicious of you, has you in the corner and is demanding that you reveal [what your agenda really is. What should we say?/who you really are. What should we answer?]
To become the strongest being in space! I shall tramp on everything that stands in my path! Result1
Just playing soccer, that's all. Result2
To bring justice with soccer. That's all. Result3
Scenario #224: [Player] says to you that it was an honor to be able to play with you. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
Let's do our best until the very end! Result1
I never imagined that I'd be used like this. Result2
I'm starting to enjoy playing with you. Result3
Scenario #225: You're having a conversation with [Player] about the power of Spirit Stones which is covered in secrets. Let's tell [him/her] what you think.
I need a Spirit Stone that's as fancy as I am. Result1
I won't rely on Spirit Stones. Result2
I would buy them all if I could. Result3
Scenario #226: [Player] is yelling, ''Our will for soccer is guiding us to victory!''
Not again... Result1
Let's do this! I'm at your disposal! Result2
I like what you just said. Result3
Scenario #227: Let's talk to [Player] who recently started to take interest in the world of angels.
It's a place to rest for the good. Result1
I'm sure it'd be full of hypocrites. Result2
I hope it's not a boring place. Result3
Scenario #228: [Player] is asking you if you ever saw the World Tree. Let's tell [him/her] your thoughts.
Let's not talk about anything irrelevant to the match. Result1
It's something I'd want to see again with a person I care. Result2
It's nothing but a tree. Result3
Scenario #229: The teammates are speaking highly of [Player], saying [he's/she's] a good role model. Let's add in.
Thank you for doing whatever it takes to win. Result1
[He/She] shows dominance with elegance. Result2
[He/She] truly a role model to us all with his skills and attitude. Result3
Scenario #230: You visit the practice field of your next opponent and feel very sorry about their not-so-good financial situation. What should we do?
I feel sorry, but that's irrelevant to the match. Result1
This is going to be a cake walk. Result2
I'm considering making an anonymous donation. Result3
Scenario #231: Your team seems to be too worried about the next match against the all stars of Minerva. [Player] wants to say a word.
Get yourselves together, guys. Are you going to give up already? Result1
Come on guys, you know it's an exciting thing to be playing against a strong team! Keep your heads up high! Result2
They will be sacrificed for our victory and honor. Result3
Scenario #232: You're at the Underground to enter a wager match, but you find people who are playing a friendly match.
How can I earn gold? Where do I have to go to find the REAL Underground? Result1
It's sort of an obligation for first class athletes like me to mingle with the community. Result2
So, there are no real illegal matches. I guess I'm relieved. Result3
Scenario #233: Half of your team is injured because of an evil plot of your next opponent. What should we do?
We will confront them fair and square, and win. Result1
I'll go blow up their lodging. Result2
Pathetic. We'll show them that we're better in many ways. Result3
Scenario #234: The representative of the refugees of Karladure is pleading you to throw the next match because Guinevere, who is providing them economic support, is playing for your next opponent. What should we say?
A square match is what suits a proud royalty. Result1
Would she be happy if she finds out you're doing this? Result2
That has nothing to do with us. Result3
Scenario #235: [Player] points out that the time the men of Minerva died and the time the epidemic broke out in Metro City matches.
I think that had something to do with dirty money. Result1
It would disgust me if that was the result of an evil plot. Result2
That's too convenient to be a coincidence. Result3
Scenario #236: Mortor and Wizol of the Peacemakers are helping an old man. [Player] seems to be surprised.
Well, what do you know! They have some decency in them after all. Result1
Hmmm. Result2
It's good to know that they're not shallow people. Result3
Scenario #237: A big fight broke out between an angel and a demon within the team. [Player] is asking for help.
I'm going to pick sides of the one I like. Result1
I hope the demon didn't say anything stupid. Result2
Maybe the angel said something irritating again. Result3
Scenario #238: Cracsus threatens to hack [Player]'s personal information and reveal it to the world. What should we do?
Let's blackmail Robin that we'll pluck out all of his plants. Result1
I contacted Hildegard. Result2
Don't fall for this cheap shot. Result3
Scenario #239: [Player] is thinking about what Selena said about saving the galaxy if we win the Galaxy League.
Then we should do our very best to win. Result1
I can play along if there's something in it for me. Result2
It's not good to just believe what others say. Result3
Scenario #240: [Player] is thinking about what the Universe of Oblivion is.
Don't be scared about such petty things. Result1
I don't like the word oblivion. Result2
I don't care as long as it doesn't harm me. Result3
Scenario #241: [Player] seems to be lost after having a good match while [his/her] fortune-telling said things would go wrong. Let's talk to [him/her].
They say the fortune-telling is inaccurate if you don't pay a sufficient price. Result1
It's just a myth. Forget about it. Result2
Game results aren't that simple to be predicted by fortune-telling. Result3
Scenario #242: With a serious face, [Player] is asking what the true meaning of competition is. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
Being together is enough for me. Result1
A way that a mere high school student can prevent the universe from falling into chaos? Result2
Well, I'm sure we'll get an answer when we get to the end of this. Result3
Scenario #243: [Player] came to you after the match, and says [he's/she's] disappointed at the team's boring strategy. What should we say?
Let's work up a solution. Result1
I'm disappointed, too. Let's start over. Result2
Just please go with that boring strategy. Result3
Scenario #244: [Player] is curious of the whereabouts of the managers that are nowhere to be seen during the match. Let's give [him/her] an answer.
They're on cooldown. Result1
They support us from the shadows. Result2
Even if they're not on the field with us, we're fighting as one. Right? Result3
Scenario #245: The team is having a good run and [Player] is sure that winning the League is a matter of time.
Let's keep this momentum going! Result1
As long as we're not used as training material... Result2
There's still a lot of obstacles ahead. Result3
Scenario #246: [Player] seems to be very confused of how a small soccer ball can change the fate of the universe.
The fate of the universe is not that simple to be changed by a soccer ball. Result1
Let's open up a bright future with this ball. Result2
Look out! (Kicks the ball far away) Result3
Scenario #247: [Player] seems to be upset about losing a body check against [his/her] opponent.
Let's make an armor out of Spirit Stones. Result1
Maybe if you increase your Strength... Result2
Don't be weak. Result3
Scenario #248: [Player] is asking what the conditions of a team ace are with a serious face. Let's talk with [him/her].
Just act like yourself. You're already the ace. Result1
Well, having a good ace skill is a start. Result2
Flawless skills. Result3
Scenario #249: [Player] is surprised of how sturdy the ball is, as it withstands the strength of angels, demons, and even beings of unknown worlds.
It's surprising to see such advanced technology. Result1
Well, I have no problem with it as long as it functions as a soccer ball. Result2
Do you think we can sell it? I think we could get a good price. Result3
Scenario #250: [Player] plans to continue playing soccer even after the Galaxy League ends. Let's talk with [him/her].
I'm thinking of opening a shop. Result1
We'll see about it after the League. Result2
I don't care what I do after the League as long as I get to continue playing soccer. Result3
Scenario #251: It's a hard match and your team is losing. Talk with [Player] and talk about what to do.
We can't give up here. There's still a chance to win this. Result1
I hope they have a Continue button around here. Result2
Let's come up with a plan after this match is over. Result3
Scenario #252: [Player] seems to be lost. [He/She] says [he/she] no longer hates the rival team.
I don't see a problem with it as long as it doesn't affect your performance on the field. Result1
I guess that's natural. The matches against them were great. Result2
Is there someone on that team that you like? Go propose! Result3
Scenario #253: You were enjoying the peaceful day on Earth until the Peacemakers suddenly showed up. At that moment, the Magical Girl Elements came to save the day!
Cool! Awesome! Result1
Oh, come on! Where's the transformation scene?! Result2
...Uh...So no soccer? Result3
Scenario #254: Vitos suddenly laughs in joy during the match against the Empire. Why?
The emperor of demons is also enjoying this match! Result1
Has he gone mad? Result2
I guess he's happy this is a good match. Result3
Scenario #255: [Player]'s form has been improving rapidly. [He/She] says [he/she] can't wait for the next match. What should we say to [him/her]?
If you keep it up like that you'd be able to play superbly in any position. Result1
Remember that feeling and use it when things get tough. Result2
Consumed a lot of Swirlies, I see. Result3
Scenario #256: During a match, [Player] bumped into a teammate and knocked the player out. [He/She] seems depressed. What should we say to cheer [him/her] up?
Wasn't that a glitch? Result1
We have to keep on going. Result2
It's something that happened during the match. Don't be so hard on yourself. Result3
Scenario #257: [Player] is complaining about restricted from playing the next match for receiving too many fouls. Let's talk to [him/her].
It's the consequences of your actions. Accept it. Result1
I feel sorry for you and envy you at the same time. Result2
Use this as a chance to enhance your condition. Result3
Scenario #258: You're at the Yggdrasil memorial ceremony. The Yggdrasil Guardians are parading through the festive crowd.
If this is how they do a memorial in Valhalla, it's natural to understand and accept. Result1
I think it's a nice way to cherish the memories of the lost. Result2
Maybe it was a good thing? I mean they say it's a tragedy, but look at how joyful it is. Result3
Scenario #259: [Player] is suddenly taking interest in who Shootmeister actually is. What should we say?
I heard he's a super agent from Nebrion. Result1
All that I care is that he's an excellent trainer. Result2
I can tell that he's a very diligent person that always tries his best. Result3
Scenario #260: Your team is playing against the Scout Entries and Malcolm seems to be enjoying himself a little too much. [Player] is starting to get intimidated.
Okay, it's time we take this match seriously. Result1
He's obviously obsessed with soccer. Result2
This is good. We can use this as a chance to break their back line. Result3