Fight for your team's victory!
All participants will receive items and ranking rewards!

How to Participate

1) There are a total of 3 teams. You'll be assigned to a team when you tap "Select Team". (resets at 12am PDT everyday)
2) Every goal made by a team member will be added up to the team's score.
3) The teams will be ranked and rewarded according to the rank.
4) Don't worry if your team wasn't able to receive 1st place! We have rewards for everyone who participates!
5) Personal scores will also be accumulated throughout the event, and once the event is over, players will be rewarded according to their personal rankings.


1. Your team and your team's score reset at 12am PDT everyday, so don't forget to check!
2. The reward items will only be stored for 3 days.
3. Questions? Drop us a line at

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