Swirlies are mainly used as a training material for power ups. 5-star swirlies are used in Extreme Evolution.

How to Use Swirlies Edit

Go to training and insert a Swirly as the training material. Each grade of a swirly will give different success rates. The success rate will be shown on screen. 3-Stars will give 10% success rate (12% if same element), 4-stars will give 25% success rate (30% if same element) and 5-stars will give 85% success rate(100% if same element). The power up will give +1 to +3 stat boost to any stat, adding more swirlies will only increase the success rate and not the power up boost.

You can evolve Swirlies up to 5-stars and use them in Extreme Evolution.

Note: It is advised to use Swirlies at 100% success rate because even 97% success rate fails.

How to Obtain Swirlies Edit

Swirlies as well as other cards can be obtained through draws, Scout and weekend matches.

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