Primary Stats Edit

Primary stats affect secondary stats.

Power Edit

Increases dribble.

Technique Edit

Increases pass and steal.

Vitality Edit

Increases defense and HP.

Speed Edit

Increases action speed.

Secondary Stats Edit

Secondary stats are what are usually used in calculations.

  • Dribble: Determines basic attack power with the ball.
  • Steal: Determines basic attack power without the ball.
  • Pass: Determines the bonus attack power provided on a pass.
  • Action Speed: The rate at which the action bar is filled.
  • Critical: The percent chance that an attack will critically hit to deal increased damage.
  • Critical Damage: The percentage damage increase provided by critical hits.
  • Defense: Used to calculate the reduced damage taken from attacks.
  • HP: The total damage a player may take before being knocked out.
  • Reflexes: Affects the chance of performing a counterattack and avoiding counterattacks.
  • Counterattack Resistance: The resistance rate against an enemy's counterattack.
  • Critical Resistance: The resistance rate against an enemy's critical attack.
  • Penetration: The ignored percentage of an enemy's damage reduction on an attack.

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