Spirit Stones are upgrade components that can be equipped on players to improve their stats. Strategic combination of the Stones can effectively determine the overall performance of the player.


  • Allocated number of Spirit Stones slots are as such:
  • The Prism Slot is unlocked by default for natural 6-star players. For all other players, the Prism slot can be unlocked by Special Training the unit into a 6-star.
  • Spirit Stones can only be equipped in slots of the same color/attribute.
  • It is not normally possible to equip more than one Spirit Stone of the same Zodiac sign.
    • Prism slots are an exception; therefore, Spirit Stones of any attribute or Zodiac sign can be equipped in them.
  • Spirit Stones can be unequipped at the cost of Gold.
  • 5-star Spirit Stones have special properties and are called Uniques.
  • Only one Unique can be equipped per player.
    • Uniques cannot be equipped in Prism slots.

Differentiating stonesEdit

The easiest way to differentiate stones are by their Element:

Spirits stones are also divided into three rarities: common stones, rare stones, and Uniques.

  • Common stones have one fixed property
  • Rare stones have two fixed properties
  • Uniques also have two fixed properties, but unlike common or rare stones, the effects of a unique stone can either give significant properties or go beyond the player and affect the entire line or team.

The fixed properties or the guaranteed stats a Stone gives are displayed in bright yellow. Stones with the same attribute and sign will always grant the same type of bonus. The stats in white, sometimes called the bonus stats or the secondary stats. These are, however, are random. Stones of a higher star grade will also give larger additional stats.

Although the Stones are also differentiated by zodiac symbols, many players simply refer non-Uniques by their attribute and the stat they give, such as "Thunder Pen" Stone.


  • Players can upgrade Spirit Stones and the stats they give by powering them up with Gold.
  • Players can power up the Stones up to Lv. +15.
  • The amount of required Gold will increase as the power-up level increases. Rarer Stones and Stones of a higher star grade will also cost more Gold per power-up.
  • A random additional property will be added for every third power-up level. The value of the property will increase if the Stone obtains the same property. Stones can obtain up to five additional properties.
  • Properties will be added according to the final grade.
    • For example, a Grade 4 Spirit Stone powered up from Grade 2 will obtain the same value of properties as a Grade 4 Spirit Stone.
  • A power-up is not guaranteed. The probability of a successful power-up decreases as the Stone's power-up level, star grade, and rarity increase. A power-up can be guaranteed using Neris.


  • Spirit Stones have a fixed amount of chance to evolve to the next star grade every third power-up level. Secondary stats will carry over.
    • Grade 4 Spirit Stone can be evolved into a Grade 5 Spirit Stone (Unique).

How to acquireEdit

  • Spirit Stones can be dropped from Story mode.
    • Upon finishing Challenge Mode, the player will be granted a free unique stone.
  • Galaxy League rewards.
  • Scouting.
  • Achievements.
    • Upon reaching Rank 100, the player will be granted a free unique stone.
  • Spirit stone boxes granted periodically (log in rewards, gifts from Selena, etc.)
  • Using Marineco's active.
  • Special purchase packs and events.
  • Dimension Shop (600 Dimension Stones for a Unique of your choice).


Combination is a feature that allows players to combine unwanted spirit stones to create rare and/or higher star stones, even Uniques. The stones used in combination will be lost and gold will be consumed. The new stone will be a random stone with zero power ups, of the same attribute as the stone used in the center. The player has to use stones of the same grade. Stones that can be used are rare, common or Unique.

Total Power up Levels conditionEdit

  • Meeting the power up levels condition will result in a stone of a higher star grade. In the case of 4-star stones, this means the result is a unique. Since the gold cost of powering up stones to meet the Total Power Up Levels condition can be very high, meeting the condition is only recommended if the player are seeking a Unique.
  • NOT meeting the power up levels condition will result in a Rare stone of the same star grade as the base stones.
  • Combining five Unique stones lets the player choose any Unique stone of the same attribute.
    • The total number of power ups of all sacrificed Uniques divided with 5 will determine the new Unique's power up.

Combination CostEdit

  • When combining Spirit Stones, it requires gold in order to carry out the process.
  • The higher the grades of the stones, the higher the combination cost will be.
Grade Cost


2★ 32,000
3★ 128,000
4★ 512,000
5★ (Unique)