Special Weekend Event

Greetings from Com2uS!

Play Soccer Spirits during the weekend for special, weekend-only events!

Event Details
- Apr. 30th 8am - May 5th 8am PDT

1. Hot Time Event

- Play during the Hot Time to get 2x Gold!

(Mon. ~ Thr.)
- Gold Bonus: 3am - 4am / 9am ~ 1am / 3pm ~ 4pm / 9pm - 10pm PDT
Fri.: 3am - 4am / 9am ~ 10am / 5pm ~ 6pm
Sat.: 1am - 2am / 9am ~ 10am / 5pm ~ 6pm
Sun.: 1am - 2am / 9am ~ 10am / 3pm ~ 4pm / 9pm ~ 10pm

2. Push Alert Rewards

- Get 50 ST twice a day by logging in when you receive the push alert!

3. Special Daily Reward

- Play every day during the event and get a 4~5* Player Draw Box for FREE!

* The 4~5* Player Draw Box Reward will be sent on May 6th. Please restart the game if you don't receive your reward. (The Special Daily Reward will be available until May 13th.)


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