Last updated: September 8, 2016

Special Training was introduced along with patch V1.18.


  • Special training increases the grade of the card (the number of stars) and the card's max level correspondingly, but without increasing the card's team cost. By raising a player's max level cap, you unlock extra skill points (1 for every 5 levels) and extra stats, except for reflex. Be aware, a player's base reflex will lower as their level raises.
  • A player may be special trained multiple times, but can not be special trained beyond 7 stars.
  • Managers,gatekeepers,special cards such as evolutionary materials, can not be special trained.
  • Special training can be done before or after evolving: stats will be the same no matter which order evolving and ST-ing is done. Special training will not affect the amount of materials needed to evolve.
  • Superb power ups, bonus stats, spirit stones, evolution status, teamwork bonuses, etc will be transferred over.
  • WARNING: Unlike evolution, special training will reset the level of the special trained card back to level 1.

Special Training GuideEdit

To access special training, tap on "Player/Stone" on the bottom left of your screen, and select special training.

Desired star grade No. of Materials Required
2-Star 3-Star 4-Star 5-Star 6-star
3 2 - - - -
4 - 3 - - -
5 - - 4 - -
6 - - - 5 -
7 - - - - 6
  • You will need a certain number of "fodder" players corresponding to the number of stars of the card being special trained. (Refer to table above)
  • All players can be used as special training fodder with the exception of managers, gatekeepers, and special event characters like rivals and bosses.
  • Duplicates of the unit you want to special train can not be used as ST fodder. Use dupes to superb.
  • All fodder materials need to be unlocked. If you have spirit stones on fodder cards and want to keep them, make sure to remove them.
  • The player being special trained must be at max level for their star grade. ST fodder can be any level.
  • 3* Mera can be used in place of a 2-3* player.
  • 5* Mera can be used in place of a 4-5* player.
  • 6* Mera can be used in place of a 5-6* player.

If all conditions are met, you will receive a copy of your desired special trained player with an additional star. Skills and level will be reset. All other upgrades such as bonus stats from swirlies and beezlebubs, superbs, and spirit stones, will be carried over.

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