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Special Boss Match! Rasiel, the angel guarding God's secret.

Hi, it's Com2uS!

The boss match against Rasiel and her minions will be available starting at July 19th 8am PDT!

1. Event Schedule
- July 19th 8am PDT - July 31st 8am

2. Event Details

The boss match will be available for 2 days from July 24th 8am - July 26th 8am PDT, and the special match against the boss's minions will be available from July 19th - July 31st.

Please note that the special match against the boss's minions will not be available during July 24th - July 26th, while the boss match is available.

<About the special match against the boss's minions> [[File:SpecialBossMatchRasielInformation2.png|center|750px]

RasielIcon HolyTersiaIcon HolyBanesiaIcon HolyRasiaIcon HolyHonesiaIcon

The minions can be used as players when they are evolved. However, please note that the special effect they have (ex: can be sold for Gold or GP, can be used as training material for additional stats or XP) will disappear.

The minions can be evolved by combining the same player cards. ex) Dropped Tersia + 4x Dropped Tersia = Player Tersia

By gathering 6 Player Tersias, you will be able to fully superb power-up Tersia.

<Rasiel Boss Match Schedule>
July 24th 8am - July 26th 8am PDT

You can earn boss points and also acquire Rasiel and her minions by chance.

The boss points will disappear at Aug. 2nd 8am PDT.

Meet Rasiel, the angel that keeps the secret of God!


Greetings from Com2uS!

Rasiel, the Light attribute Boss will be waiting for your challenge following EA08 Vayne!

Check the match schedule below to fight against Rasiel and her squad!

1. Event Details

  • Nov. 23rd to Dec. 4th.

The Boss Match will be open during Nov. 28th and Nov. 30th.

The Special Match against Rasiel's squad will bbe open from Nov. 23rd to Dec. 4th.

  • The Special Match against Rasiel's squad won't be available Nov. 28th and Nov. 30th when the Boss Match is being held.

< Special Match Details >

  • You can now use the Boss's men as players instead of selling them or using them for training.

Eg. Tersia Card + 4 Tersia Cards -> Evolved Tersia that can be used as a player

( Player Tersia can go through Superb pPower-up when you  collect 6 cards. ) 

  • Please not that you won't be able to get Gold when you sell the card after changing the card to a player card.

Boss Match Schedule

  • Nov. 28th 8am - Nov. 30th 8am PST

You'll earn Boss Points when you clear the Special Match.

Rasiel's men and Spirit Stones are also available from the Special Match.

Rasiel is also available by clearing the Boss Match.

  • The accumulated Boss Points will be refreshed on Dec. 7th 8am PST.
  • Your chances of getting Rasiel increases when you play higher difficulty modes.

3. Season Scout


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