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Special Match 'Elise'

Hi, it's Com2uS!

The special boss match against Elise (Ardor) will be available starting Oct. 11th 8am PDT!

Elise (Ardor) and her minions from other boss matches will be awaiting your challenge at the boss match!

Event Schedule
Oct. 11th 8am - Oct. 23rd 8am PDT

Event Details

The boss match will be open for 2 days only, from Oct. 16th 8am - Oct. 18th 8am PDT, and the special match against the boss's minions will be open at all times during Oct. 11th - Oct. 23nd.

  • The special match against boss's minions will not be available while the boss match is open.

The minions have the following special abilities.


- The boss match will have two difficulties (Hell & Ultimate). You can get Elise or the minions by defeating the boss.


[Boss 'Elise']

  • The Boss Points will reset at Oct. 25th 8am PDT.

Be sure to meet Elise, the Harbinger of Happiness!


Greetings from Com2uS!

Enter the new Special Boss Match to fight against Elise with Ardor attribute!

Please read below for more info on the Special Boss Match!

Event Period

  • Jan. 4th 7am - Jan. 15th PST
  • May 10 8am - May 22nd 8am PDT 

Event Details

2 Special Matches will be open in the Space-Time Continuum during the event.

1, Special Match against Boss's men (Jan. 4th 7am - Jan. 16th 7am PST/ May 10 8am - May 22nd 8am PDT)

  • The Special Match will be open from Jan. 4th to Jan 16th.

You can get Boss Points, Boss' men and Spirit Stones when you clear the match.

  • Please read below for more info on the men's special abilities.

Please note that the Special Match won't be open from Jan. 9th to Jan. 10th/May 15th 8am - May 17th 8am PDT, when the Boss Match is open.

2. Special Boss Match (Jan. 9th 7am - Jan. 11th 7am PST/ 'May 15th 8am - May 17th 8am PDT )'

There are 2 difficulty levels to the Boss Match (Hell & Ultimate)

You can get Spirit Stones and Elise when you clear the match.


Your chances of getting Elise increases when you play higher difficulty modes.


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