Shop Screen

Shop can be accessed from the main screen by pressing shop icon in bottom right.

In the shop, players can:

  • Purchase at Dimenson Shop
  • Purchase Crystals with real money
  • Purchase Special Matches (Quest Matches) which can be completed to obtain certain rewards.
  • Recover all ST or BP for 10 Crystals
  • Purchase Gold with Crystals
  • Expand Max Lodgings by 3 slots for 5 Crystals
Quest Match

Quest Match

Crystal ShopEdit

Crystals are the game's main currency. They can be bought using money and obtainable by various actions.

With crystals, players can draw characters, refill ST, BP, Arena Balls, Expand Max Lodgings, buy gold and etc.

Dimension ShopEdit

Dimension Shop
You can receive Dimension Stones by purchasing Crystals or get them as a reward

from Colosseum of Despair each Monday.

Dimension Shop and Dimension Stones were released after the 1st Anniversary patch, replacing  the Mileage Ticket System.

Gift BoxEdit

Gift Boxes can be bought at the Main Screen by pressing the Gift Box Icon for


Gift Boxes contain 10 Gifts. Players can open one every 3 Hours. Gifts range from GP, Spirit Stones, Crystals, 3-4 Star Card and the last gift will always be a random Gatekeeper.


Beginner PackageEdit

After players buy the Beginner Special Package, they will receive an offer
Beginner Special Package

when the game is launched. Those offers contain bonuses for purchase as bonus crystals and player draws. The package costs $9.99.

The package includes:

  • 200,000 Gold
  • 200 GP
  • 4-Star~5-Star Player Card
  • 3-Star Gatekeeper
  • 4-Star~5-Star Spirit Stone
  • 200 Crystals
  • As a bonus for purchasing, the player gets 20 Dimension Stones

Intermediate PackageEdit

Once players bought BOTH Beginner Packages, the Intermediate Package will be available

1 Year Anniversary Special PackageEdit


Only available from May 15th to June 4th. The package costs $99,99.
1 Year Package

The package includes:

  • 2x double exp days
  • 50 x 4 ST
  • 500,000 coins
  • 1,100 Crystals
  • 5-star player of your choice

1 Year Package Players

Choosing a 5-star player of your choice