Greetings from Com2uS!

the Halloween Season will end on Nov. 1st, and Free Season will be open for the following week!

Please read below for more info on the Free Season schedule.

  • Nov 2nd - Nov. 8th

1. New Free Season Achievements

Colosseum Bounty Reward
Get 150 GP as Colosseum Reward 15 GP
Colosseum Champion
Conquer Colosseum No.5 12,000 Gold
Colosseum Conductor
Conquer Colosseum No.10 24,000 Gold
Colosseum Executor
Conquer Colosseum No.15 36,000 Gold
Colosseum Conqueror I
Conquer Colosseum No.20 48,000 Gold
Colosseum Conqueror II
Conquer Colosseum No.25 30 GP
Colosseum of Despair Gladiator
Win 5 time(s) against a Colosseum champion 1x 3* Beelzebub
Space Breaker
Win 50 time(s) in Space-Time Continuum 1x 3* Kuma
Master Class Recruiter
Recruit 20 players through scouts 1x 3* Mera
Asteroid Destroyer
Try Friendship Draw 30 time(s) 10,000 Gold
Galaxy Class Management
Use the manager skill 30 time(s) 1x 5* Neris
Galaxy Wanderer
Get 1100 in the Galaxy League 1x 4* Spirit Stone(s) "Stable Ion" - MAX HP increased by 37.5
Galaxy Adventurer
Get 1250 in the Galaxy League 1x 5* Spirit Stone(s) "Ion"
Galaxy Grasper
Win 5 time(s) in the Galaxy League 40 GP
Galaxy Conqueror
Win Tournamanets 1 time(s) 35 GP
Galaxy Stone Sharpner
Try Spirit Stone Power-up 20 time(s) 1x 3* Littre

2. Special Match Open

  • The Special match to play against EA08 Vayne's men will be open. EA08 Vayne will be he boss for the next Boss Match.
  • The Special Match will be open on the designatd times during Nov. 2nd and Nov. 6th.

You'll earn Boss Points when you clear the Special Match. 

Vayne's men and Spriit Stones are also available from the Special Match.

  • The accumulated Boss Points will be refreshed on Nov. 9th 8am PDT.

1st: 11am - 2pm/ 2nd: 5pm - 8pm

3rd: 11pm - 2am/ 4th: 5am - 8am

3. Event Scout

Vayne's posse will be included in the Event Scout and will be avaialable with Boss Points.

  • The Event Scout schdule is the same as the Season Achievement schedule.

4. Galaxy Super League Over

  • The Galaxy Super League will end on Nov. 5th
  • Rewards will be sent on Nov. 5th during the maintenance ( Nov. 5th 10pm - Nov. 6th 12am PDT) based on the best league in the profile before the maintenance. (5-Star Micki)
  • A new Galaxy League will start after the maintenance is over and scores will reset to the basic score.
  • Please note that the maintenance time can change. Stay tuned for another notice on the maintenance.

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