[Oct. 29th 10pm - 11pm PDT]

■ Update Details

1. New Characters

- The new Extreme Evolution character, Ravian (Dark), has been added.

- A passive skill for Ravian has been added

Previously: Super Play - Decreases the inflicted damage by 50% with a 50% chance with an attack and gets another turn

Now: Spawn - Gets another turn with an attack and decreases the inflicted damage by the first action by 60%

- You get a Squad Bonus Position when Ravian is Extreme Evolved.

CM has been added as the sub position.

2. Balancing - Ravian's Ace Skill Effect has been modified. Previously: Increases Attack Power by 20%/40% with a steal Now: Increases the action speed and critical rate of Dark players by 10%/20%/25%

- Passive Friendship Effect has been changed from "Increases MAX HP by 20%" to "Increases MAX HP and pass effect by 20%".

- Passive Tie Effect has been changed from "Increases pass effect by 25%" to "Increases counterattack resistance by 20%".

- The lasing time of the passive Erosion Effect has been changed from 6 minutes to 10 minutes.

- Passive Ghost's Eye Effect has been changed from "Recovers 75 energy and 40% of spirit with a shoot" to "Recovers energy and spirit by 75% with a shoot".

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