[November 5th, 2014. 8:00p.m - 11:00p.m. PST Update Notice] V1.17.

  • The Gold Hot Time event will be extended by one hour when the maintenance is over, from 11:00p.m. - 12:00p.m. PST.

Update details:

New units


Erica, a new Ardor player has been added. She is currently a draw-only unit. Defender. Her ace effect increases critical rate and critical damage for all Ardor players in the team by 15%.

  • The previous draw-only Ardor player, Victoria, is now available through other methods: Event draw, Scout, Random Box, Trade, etc.

Function modifications

The Galaxy Arena Rewards have been changed to the following:

  1. One additional GP with 2 winning streaks.
  2. 1,500 additional gold with 3 winning streaks.
  3. 5% bonus attack power and HP with 4 winning streaks.
  4. Two additional GP with 5 winning streaks.
  5. 10% bonus attack power and HP with 6 winning streaks.
  6. 2,000 additional gold with 7 winning streaks.
  7. 15% bonus attack power and HP with 8 winning streaks.
  8. Three additional GP with 9 winning streaks.
  9. 20% bonus attack power and HP with 10 winning streaks.
  10. 2,500 additional gold with 11 winning streaks.
  11. 25% bonus attack power with 12 winning streaks.
  • The Friendship Draw featured unit has been changed to Euphemia. Previously, it was Yunes.
  • Ami, Luna, Leonard, MX26 Kumi and Teddy can no longer be sold for GP or traded with Neris. They are also no longer available in Scout. Please read the Fall Season Notice for more info.
  • The Dark Penguin Match will always be open during the weekend regardless of the Boss Matches.


  1. Sammy's (Light Leader-type; you can find her in the same row as Didi) passive skill, Guarding Area, will now last 15 minutes (previously 10 minutes).
  2. Manager Clover's passive effect has been changed from "Increase Technique" to "Increase Technique and Power".
  3. The passive skill Coexistence's recovery effect has been nerfed. It now reads "Recover's the HP of allies within the position by 2/4/6/8/10% with a pass." (Previously 3/6/9/12/15%.)
  4. The passive skill Breakthrough Pass's effect has been nerfed. It now recover's the unit's action bar by 6/12/18/24/30% with a pass (previously 8/16/24/32/40%).
  5. Lynia's passive skill, Instant Chance, has been changed to Perfect Balance. (No stat changes or numbers provided.)
  6. William's stats have been slightly increased. (No numbers provided.)

Bug fixes

  1. Ravian should now have the note "7-star evolution available" next to her name in the draw window.
  2. Veronica's Charging Song passive should now show up properly during matches under "beneficial effects".
  3. The skill Reverse should now read "Increases dribble and steal by 12%." Previously it was "Increases dribble by 12% and steal by 10%."


  1. Hallowe'en Serena, the reward for The Happy Hallowe'en Event will be sent to players' inboxes, provided they have met the requirements for the gift.
  2. The 5-star Gatekeeper box, the reward for the Daily Event will now be sent to players' inboxes.

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