Greetings from Com2uS!

Please read below for more details on the new update

  • Update Schdule

Nov. 12th 9pm - 11pm PST

1. New Characters

The story and voice for the new character will be updated soon.

  • Internal Equilibrium will be changed to Schizophrenia

Internal Equilibruim: Increases critical rate and pass effect by 50% when your HP is 100%

Schizophrenia: Increases critical rate and pass effect by 40%

2. Function Modifications

  • The Teamwork event question about going to the restroom during a match has been deleted.
  • Clearing EA08 Vayne - Ultimate has been added to Achievements.

3. Balancing

  • William's God of Fire will be modified.

Previously: Increases the Attack Power by 40% and decreases the inflicted damage by 40% wgeb tge HP is below 80%

After: Increases Attack Power by 30% and decreases the inflicted damaged by 30% when you have the ball.

4. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of not getting Spirit Stones in Ami's match.
  • Fixed the description error of Evolved Mera.

Users who used Evolved Mera as training material will get the Evolved Mera back after the Nov. 12th update.


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