May 20th Update

Hi, it's Com2uS!

Here's the patch note for the update on May. 20th!.

Update Schedule

- May 20th 10pm - May 21st 1am PDT

Update Details

1. CharacterEdit

  • A new character '83AR Reto' has been included.
83AR Reto Patch

- You can check her out at the Player Book, and she will be introduced through a separate event notice.

- Because the voice recording is still being prepared, EA14 Ari will have temporary voice support.

  • Nerua(Thunder) is now available through Scout, Gem Shop, Random Box. New Draw exclusive characters after Nerua will not be available through any other methods than Draw

2. ImprovementsEdit

  • The chat feature filtering restricted words has been improved..
  • Notifications of users evolving a Legendary or achieving Consecutive Achievements will no longer be displayed in the chat alerts.

3. Bug FixesEdit

  • The issue of characters not included having acquirable routes displayed has been fixed.
  • The issue of Ultimate Evolution Shu(Ardor)'s passive "Expand Strategy" having the wrong icon has been fixed.
  • The issue of Choi and Serestia having mistranslated dialogues has been resolved.

Please make sure to check the maintenance schedule to avoid any inconvenient situations.

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