Managers are non-player cards that are used outside of matches. They have an active and passive skill. In the third / right screen there 3 windows for each sponsor, trainer and scouter. As of Update V1.16.2 there are now 2 slots for sponsors, trainers and scouters which will be unlocked when you reach level 40, 70 and 100 respectively.
Unlike player cards, managers have rarity but no cost nor extreme evolution.

Managers each possess one active and one passive skill. The active skill can be leveled up, once, by evolving the manager. The passive skill can be leveled up five times, once for each superb training done. [*Note that giving superbs to a manager will reduce its cooldown timer. Example: Gerold's timer is 8 hours cooldown, but only 6 hours at full superb]

Training a manager in any other way currently has no effect.


Sponsors have active and/or passive abilities that increase the gold you gain, either by giving it directly everytime the skill is used or passively
increasing gold gain or decreasing gold expenditure.

Sponsor Cards


Trainers have active and/or passive abilities that enable player cards to be levelled more quickly, or increases
certain stats. Trainers tend to have active abilities that restore ST or BP.

Trainer Cards

Scouters Edit

Scouters tend to affect the Scout function in some way. Scouters often have active abilities that grant free friendship points or draws.

Scouter Cards

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