Greetings from Com2uS!

Play now to check out the limited edition managers available only during the event.

1. Korean Eve available from Scout (Feb. 15th 7am - Mar. 1st 7am PST) The limited edition Korean Eve will be available during the Free Season from the event scout.


Active Skill: Recovery 5 BP (Evolved: Recover 8 BP)-Cooltime: 2 hours

Passive Skill: Increase the MAX BP by 5 and decrease the BP consumption by 10% (Full Superb: Increase the MAX BP by 10, decrease BP consumption by 20%)

2. Make In-app purchases and get the Korean Serena! (Feb. 15th 7am - Feb 23rd 7am PST) Make a purchase of $49.99 or more and get the Korean Serena as a reward! You'll get 1 Korean Serena for every purchase you make of $49.99 or more! (Up to 6 times)


Active Skill: Acquire 16,000 Gold (Evolved:24,000)-Cooltime: 8 hours

Passive Skill: Gold and EXP Reward from Story Mode and Space-Time Continuum increased by 10%(Full Superb: 20%)


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