In this game there's an AI system that can control the game for you. Sometimes, with certain matches, you are too lazy to control the match, or your deck was played by the AI in a PvP defense, or the tourney on galaxy league or even enemy's AI in general. So, how do you maximize the AI system? This is the collection of information from research about the AI system in the game.

General AI BehaviorEdit

Active Skill AI

  • The more skill points put into an Active, higher the chance the AI will use the Active
  • Level 5 Active Skill will always be used by AI whenever they got the chance and enough spirit to do so
  • Level 1 Active Skill will only be used when the GK is by himself

[Pass] AI

  • AI in the forward line will usually [Pass] the ball until the ball gets to the Striker

[Steal] AI

  • AI will only attempt to [Steal] if the opposing player has HP difference below 15%; if the opponent has extremely low HP; or if the opponent has less reflex (total reflex after their passives) than the stealer

[Shoot] AI

  • Non Striker AI now won't always shoot when the GK is by themselves
  • Non-Striker AI will [Shoot] if their dribble is higher than GK remaining HP+Defense. Reduce damage or recovery when attacked won't be calculated
  • Non-Striker AI will [Shoot] after they recieved [Pass], [Forward Pass]. and [Long Pass] Active and their total dribble is higher than 900

Extra AI Behavior

  • AI will ignore elemental advantage. Their calculation is mostly based on HP, Dribble, Reflex, and their jobs (types)
  • When Penetrating GK. AI's behavior is similar to Penetrating 2 or more players

AI Behavior Based On their Jobs (Types)Edit


  • AI will most likely to use [Pass] active to the player with the highest receiving pass and/or dribble stat.
  • AI will send the ball with [Forward Pass] or [Long Pass] to the player with the most action bar in the line
  • Assist will only pass the ball when they have it. They will NEVER [Penetrate]


  • Defender will always try to [Steal] as long as the HP difference is not higher than 50%
  • AI will try to [Penetrate] as long as the hp difference is under 15%.
  • [Steal] Active makes the AI ignore the HP difference between the stealer and stealee.


  • AI will tend to [Penetrate] with Attackers even if their HP is relatively lower (<30% difference) than the opponent
  • AI will usually [Penetrate] two opponents if your Attacker has Dribble higher than 700 with/without pass effect. In other cases, they will pass the ball instead
  • An Attacker in front line will tend to [Penetrate], rather than [Shoot]. Can be useful in certain occasions
  • [Penetrate] Active makes the AI ignore the HP difference between the Attacker and the target.
  • When Penetrating GK. AI's behavior is similar to Penetrating 2 or more players
  • AI will try to [Steal] as long the HP difference is under 15%


  • AI will have Leader [Pass] if the Leader has less life than the opposing player
  • If a Leader can successfully [Penetrate], they tend to (sometimes they used it before penetrating) hold off on using their (maxed) active until they successfully penetrate the line.
  • AI will try to [Penetrate] as long the HP difference is under 15%.
  • Active Skill Buff will always be used to player with highest dribble stats
  • Active Skill Debuff will always used against opponent with highest HP
  • Active Skill Power-up will always be used before penetrating if spirit gauge is sufficient. Will use Active Skill Power-up instead of passing after succesfully penetrating when leader recieved a pass before the penetration.
  • AI will try to [Steal] as long as the HP difference is under 15%.


  • AI will have Strikers always [Shoot] when they have the ball in their possession.
  • Strikers will have the Leader's AI when they are placed anywhere other than frontline
  • AI will try to [Steal] as long the hp difference is under 15%.


  • AI will [Penetrate] with the GK if the opposing player is extremely low life or the GK has higher Dribble than opponent's HP. Using [Pass] active doesn't guarantee the AI will penetrate using GK
  • GK will only use [Block] active skill only when the enemy is using shooting skill and it must be at least level 2
  • GK tends to [Pass] the ball
  • GK's only have [Block] active and never [Steal]

Maximizing The AI SystemEdit

  • In overall terms, Leader-type players has more balanced stats than Attackers or Defenders. So is it better to use a Leader instead of an Attacker or a Defender?
    • Yes, in overall terms, a Leader has more balanced stats than Attackers or Defender. BUT! AI wise, Attacker is much braver to [Penetrate] rather than Leader and Defender is much braver to [Steal] rather than Leader. Sometimes, it is best to have an Attacker or a Defender instead depending on your tactic


Whitesaber31's Note:

  • So far the AI consist of these behaviours. I haven't found certain players that behave as their own AI. For example: Valk Beth still behave like Leader AI even if she's penetration oriented and also Bell is still behaving like Leader AI despite being a more defender-like player in terms of skills. So, making an AI behaviour per player will be a waste of time
  • I was thinking of adding GIF's or pictures to the page so that people can understand the system easier. So, I am open with submission to this page
  • Like I told in the introduction of this page. This is just what i got from my experience. So, I am open with any critics or suggestions. I'd rather be criticized rather than people just know it's confusing but went silent about it.
  • This page is deserted. Its not even mentioned in the homepage of this wikia. That's why I stopped bothering to check this page occasionally like I used to. So.. if you are leaving comments/suggestions/critics you may expect I will reply it late.

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