Major Update Issue 1 Year

Issues Regarding the 1 Year Anniversary Major Update

Hi, it's Com2uS!
We'd like to walk you through some issues that we found after the 1 year anniversary major update.

1. Based on the system, you should be guaranteed to get a 5 star player on the 44th draw if you haven't been able to get a 5 star player up until the 43rd draw. Currently this system is not working properly.

- Users who have done 44 draws starting after the major update on May 14th up until the maintenance on May 20th but haven't been able to get a 5 star player will be given a 5~6 Star Draw Box.

There was a problem with the 5~6 Star Player Box that was scheduled to be given out during the maintenance on May 20th. The compensation reward will be given out on May 21st during a temporary maintenance.

※ We'll send out a separate notification regarding the details of the temporary maintenance.

2. There is an issue of some users not being able to buy the 1 year anniversary pack. This only happens to those who've bought all packages except the 1 year anniversary pack, and we've enabled for these people to buy an additional bonus package as a temporary solution.
- Please note that this issue has not been fixed and will happen if you buy all of the bonus packages.

3. Since the major update, we've removed the Crystal reward given when a user would evolve a 2 star player for the first time. We've noticed that this hasn't been notified in advance and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
- We would like to give out all users that have logged in until May 30th 30 Crystals as compensation. (Stored up to 7 days in the inbox)

※ The issues mentioned above will be fixed and the compensation will be given out after the maintenance on May 20th.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused by the issues regarding the 1 Year Anniversary Huge Update.

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