Galaxy Super LeagueEdit


AngelChri Winning Galaxy League

Galaxy Super League (PvP) is unlocked at rank 10. This requires 11 of your own players. If you don't have enough players on your team, you won't be able to participate in the match. You can only use your PvP formation to participate in Galaxy Super League.

Unlike all other modes of gameplay, Galaxy League can only be played in auto mode. You will not be able to decide how your players react. Players on auto mode follow a general set of rules based on their class. Further explanation can be found in the Knowing The AI system page.

The Galaxy Super League consists of 16 player brackets, 8 on each side in a single elimination tournament, which means if you lose one game, the league ends for you. You get rewards according to your ranking (listed below). Losing decreases your League Score and provides a small prize, while winning increases your League Score and provides a better prize.

You can reset the Galaxy Super League for free once a day or pay 3 GP to reset anytime (resetting does not lower your rank).

You can only face players of the same league you're currently on. (The Bronze League will never have Silver League players etc.)

League Rankings and Rewards:Edit

Galaxy rewards November 2016

Galaxy ArenaEdit


Unlike the Galaxy League, in the Galaxy Arena, players are given a list of 6 candidates you can choose to battle, with or without Auto Play mode. These 6 candidates are selected from players who are close to your overall rank (±4 ranks). This is unrelated to your League Rank or Team Ability, so it is possible to face opponents significantly stronger or weaker than you. Once all 6 matches have been played (win or lose), a new set of 6 candidates will be presented to you without resetting your winning streak.

In the Galaxy Arena, rewards are given after each match, but will not effect your League Score in any way. These rewards will start at 1 GP plus an amount of gold based on which League Rank the opposing team is from. After the first match, rewards will increase as long as you maintain a "Winning Streak", up to a maximum reward bonus after 12 wins of an additional 3GP and 2500 Gold per match, as well as an Attack Power and HP Bonus of +25% (valid only in the Arena, not in the League or any other mode). The winning streak must be maintained with at least one successful match every 2 hours, and will reset to 0 if you lose or do not play. You may also choose to reset your winning streak voluntarily by requesting a new list of 6 candidate opponents.

If you are disconnected from the server in the middle of any Arena game, for any reason, it will be counted as a loss and reset your winning streak to 0.

Keep in mind that Galaxy Arena does not increase (or decrease) your league rank, only Galaxy Super League does.

Winning a match (not sure about losing) gives 200 exp (without any booster).



Attack and HP




Gold Bonus
0 +45% +0 +0
1 +45% +0 +0
2 +45% +1 +100
3 +45% +1 +200
4 +45% +1 +300
5 +45% +1 +400
6 +45% +1 +500
7 +35% +2 +600
8 +35% +2 +700
9 +35% +2 +800
10 +35% +2 +900
11 +35% +2 +1000
12 +35% +2 +1100
13 +25% +2 +1200
14 +25% +2 +1300
15 +25% +2 +1400
16 +25% +2 +1500
17 +25% +2 +1600
18 +25% +2 +1700
19 +15% +3 +1800
20 +15% +3 +1900
21 +15% +3 +2000
22 +15% +3 +2100
23 +15% +3 +2200
24 +15% +3 +2300
25+ +5% +3 +2400