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A friend's ace player is used as an assist player during PvE matches. You can add friends after using a random stranger then sending a friend request, or adding them manually by searching their names. There is a cooldown before you can use the same friend as your assist player again.

A friend'd ace player has its ace effect, Spirit Stones and Teamwork active when using them.



In Colosseum of Despair there are no friend and stranger assist players. You either get support Elizabeth for normal matches or Metatron for champion matches.
Colosseum of Trials Helpers

Helpers in Colosseum of Trials

In Colosseum of Trials there are friend and stranger assist players, along with level 10 Helpers of each element in the last page to help you out on the challenges.


Some managers gives you a gold equivalent to the number of registered friends.


  • Using a friend as an assist in a match grants 10 FP to both you and your friend, while using a stranger grants only 5 FP.
  • You cannot accept friend requests sent to you if their friend list is already full.
  • The maximum friend requests are 30 at a time.

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