Draw is a method to summon new cards. The Draw option is located in all 3 menu windows at the lower right corner of the screen. The button is marked by a falling meteor along with the word "Draw".

The player can draw under two tabs: Events and Friendship Draw. The former uses Crystals whereas the latter uses Friendship Points. Premium Tickets are also given out periodically to players, which allow the player to freely draw in the Event tab.

A Mileage system exists and ensures that the player get a guaranteed 5-star or higher after a certain number of draws.

Event TabEdit


10+1 Draw. Dark Blue = Ultra Super Rare, Orange = Super Rare, Light Blue = Rare

The Event tab has a 0.25% rate for getting an Legend (6-star) 7% rate for getting an Ultra Super Rare (5-star), a 25% rate for a Super Rare (4-star), and 67.75% rate for a Rare (3-star).

In the Event tab the player can draw for free every 24 hours. This is where the player use Premium Tickets as well.

Over the week it has two modes, Weekday Event Draw and Weekend Event Draw.

Weekday Event Draws news

Weekday Draw. All players have the same draw rate during this period.

During Weekday Event Draw, all players of the same grade share the same draw rate, and no drop rate boosts are active, even if new players have been added. The background illustration changes to display the newest characters with each addition, however this does not depict any drop rate increase and is just added for visual effect.

Weekday Event Draws run during the weekend, i.e. Monday to Friday.

Weekend Event Draw news

Weekend Draw. Two Legendary players and one 5 star player from each element have their draw rate boosted during this period.

Weekend Event Draws run for 48 hours during the weekends, i.e. Saturday and Sunday. They feature a 3x increased chance for two Legendary players and five 5-star players; one New Star Legendary and 5-star while the rest are Classic Star. The Weekend Event Draw is often accompanied by a notice in the Events section.

Other players have the same draw rates as in the Weekday Event Draws.

Getting a Rare (3-star) will give you additional 6 Glory Points (GP).

In the Event Tab, you are drawing from almost all the cards in the game, including Legendaries. You can't draw any special, boss, rival, manager or 2-star cards.

The 300 Crystal drawing option guarantees you a bonus 4-star card or higher. The game draws eleven cards for you at the cost of 300 Crystals; this is widely regarded as the most cost-effective way of drawing cards using Crystals.

Season Mileage SystemEdit

Draw System news2

The Season Mileage Draw screen.

The Season Mileage System was added in the March 17th 2016 Major Patch. This system was made to help guarantee a pull for a player from a particular season.

Every Crystal Draw, Free Draw or Premium Ticket Draw from the Event tab contributes 10 points to the Season Mileage. A total of 4000 Season Points can be accumulated, which can be spent on the following:

  • 500 points: Special trained 5~6* star Classic player
  • 1500 points: Special trained 5~6* star Classic or New player
  • 4000 points: Special trained 5~6* star New player

The Season Mileage Draw deducts from the Season Mileage Points, and does not cost any crystals. Doing a Season Mileage Draw does not contribute itself to Season Mileage Points.

The extra draw from the 10+1 Crystal Draws add to the Season Mileage Points.

Friendship Draw Edit

The Current Friendship Draw used only to get Material Players Elementals,Penguins,Swirlies,Fairies and Gatekeepers,
New Friendship Draw

GateKeepers Available only as 3 Star Version,While Elementals,Penguins and Swirlies Range from 3-5 Star.

Friendship Draw uses Friendship Points as Currency they can be Obtained by:

  • Lending Your Ace player to Friends
  • Using Your Friend's Ace - 10 FP
  • Using Non-Friend Assist - 5 FP
  • Daily Event Check-In Rewards
  • Events in Event Tab

The 2000 FP draw option does not guarantee any rare cards nor does it give the player any discounts, unlike the 300 Crystal draw (which gives you 10+1 draws). It is mostly there for convenience.

The Drop Rates for Elemental's and GateKeepers are Unknown,However from information we do have from other users,using Players Statistic/Sheets and Information the Draw Rate should be Around:


  • 3 Star 23.51% / 25%
    Friendship Draw Cards
  • 4 Star 10.76% / 10%
  • 5 Star 0.80% / 1%


  • 3 Star 25.50% / 25%
  • 4 Star 5.98% / 7%
  • 5 Star 1.99% / 2%


  • 3 Star 24.30% / 25%
  • 4 Star 5.98% / 7%
  • 5 Star 0.89% / 1%

Gatekeepers and Fairies:

  • Together 0.40% / 0.42%
  • Gatekeepers 0.29%
  • Fairies 0.11%

There are Achievments Associated with Friendship Draw

  • Daily Achievement That Reward Random 5 Star Penguin For Using 1 Draw
  • Season/Preaseason Achievement That Reward 3 Star Littre For Using 50 Draws
  • Consecutive Achievements That Range From 1 - 100,000 Draws That Grants Mainly Crystals.

History Edit


The Friendship tab

Friendship Draw usually gives 3 - 6-star special cards such as: penguins, evolution materials, and swirlies. The drop rate in the Friendship Draw is currently unknown. It costs 200 Friendship Points (FP) each.

In the Friendship tab you can draw for free every 2 hours.

The 2000 FP draw option does not guarantee any rare cards nor does it give the player any discounts, unlike the 300 Crystal draw (which gives you 10+1 draws). It is mostly there for convenience.

Drawing from the Friendship Draw is one of the Daily Achievements.

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