Please read below for more details on the new update.

■ Update Schedule

Dec. 3rd 9pm - 11pm PST

■ Update Details

1. Characters - Evolved Qiyou (Whirlwind) has been added. Qiyou's narrations and appearance will change when Evolved. - Qiyou's passive skill Rage of Nature will be changed to Nature's Movement. Rage of Nature Lv. 5: Increases the Attack Power by 20% and MAX HP by 10% when attacked (Accumulated up to 5 times) Nature's Movement Lv. 5: Increases the Attack Power by 30% and MAX HP by 15% when attacked (Accumulated up to 5 times)

- Furion (Whirlwind) will be added as the new Galaxy Super League Reward.

Go to Galaxy Super League -> League Reward to collect your reward when the Fall Season ends.

- 5,6-Star Beatrice's image has been changed.

2. Skill Description Modifications - The description for the goalkeeper's active skill, block, has been changed. 1) [Block] Decrease damage Previously: [Block] Decreases the inflicted damage from active shoots by {0}% when activated After: [Block] Decreases the inflicted damage from a shoot by {0}% when used 2) [Block] Critical resistance Previously: [Block] Increases critical resistance for active shots by {0}% when activated After: [Block] Increases critical resistance against the shoot by {0}% when used

3. Balancing * The characters that have been downgraded at the previous update will be upgraded at the next patch. - Kei's character type has been changed from Attacker to Defense. - Passive skill, Desperate's damage decrease effect has been changed from 35% to 25%. - Passive skill, Combative Spirit's Attack Power increase effect has been changed from 15% to 10%. - Passive skill, Suicide's Attack Power increase effect has been changed from 20% to 10%.

4. Bug Fixes - Fixed the problem of Glabaris's function not working. - Added the missing text in the skills description for Perial's VIP. Previously: Get an additional player with a fixed chance when you win After: Gets a player or additional Spirit Stone with a {0}% chance when you win - Fixed the error with the spirit consumption for Sofia's active skill. 2 spirit -> 1.5 spirit - Fixed the problem with Victoria's active skill increasing steal attack power instead of reflexes - Fixed the incorrect GP values of some 7-Star characters when sold 60GP -> 80GP

5. Others - The Crystal Rewards for Bonus Crystal Event will be sent to the Inbox.

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