Various places besides this Wiki where you can find info and talk about Soccer Spirits.


Customer service and patch note releases

Official forums

Facebook (English)

Facebook (Korean)

Facebook (Japanese)

Korean. Official streams by Com2uS on Saturday 4pm-5pm PDT


Reddit. Active and helpful

For help and more.

Fan art. Past skin contest entries are found with #soccerspirits_contest Live streams


Wiki Discord. Admins, moderators, contributors and lurkers

Reddit /r/soccerspirits Discord. Dedicated to Soccer Spirits with one off-topic channel

Community Discord. Soccer Spirits and many off-topic channels

Brazilian Discord. Quem for brasileiro e tiver interesse em um canal do discord totalmente voltado ao Soccer Spirits, criamos um canal para nos comunicarmos melhor, principalmente para quem não tiver um inglês tão bom.


/ssg/ 4chan/vg/

From a Korean based player, English is his/her 2nd language. Provided commentary based on the Korean community.

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