In order to gain chain buffs, several things must happen:

  1. You must have owned all of the cards in that player's buff list (they need to be unlocked in your book, you don't need to own them currently).
  2. You need to complete a chain mission that involves completing a certain number of missions with at least one member of that chain buff in your or your opponent's team depending on the buff (you can only have one chain mission active at any time).
  3. After unlocking the chain buff, it is active any time the condition for the chain buff is met.

For example, Anael has an affection chain buff that requires owning Mikael and Bell. To unlock it, you must have both Bell and Mikael unlocked in the book, then you are allowed to start her chain mission. After 20 missions with either Bell or Mikael on your or your opponent's team, the chain buff is unlocked. Afterwards, any time she is on the same team as either Bell or Mikael she gains 20% HP and defense (Bell and Mikael, however, do not; the buff only applies to the owner of the buff).

  • Affection: Increases HP and defense by 20% when on the SAME TEAM as the target.
  • Nemesis: Increases attack power and HP by 30% when on the OPPOSITE TEAM of the target.
  • Friendship: Increases attack power and critical rate by 10% when on the SAME TEAM as the target.
  • Rival: Increases reflexes and action speed by 10% when on the SAME OR OPPOSITE TEAM as the target.

Upon completing all of a cards chains you will be rewarded with Dimension stones, the amount corresponding to the base star rarity of the card. It is reccomended that you use a site like to keep track of them.

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