Greetings from Com2uS!

Soccer Spirits will be holding a special event to celebrate the huge update! Please read below for more details!

1. Play Soccer Spirit from Jan. 14th (after the maintenance) to Jan. 18th 7am to collect a special reward!

  • You'll get a 5-Star Player Draw Box and 3 Rainbow Elementals as a reward.

2. Complete the Missions and get rewards! (Jan. 14th after the maintenance - Jan. 28th 7amPST)

  • Check out the new contents and modifications by completing the special missions and get rewards!

1) Successfully Power-up a Spirit Stone 10 times (Reward: 5 Spirit Stone Draw Box)

  • Gold is used to Power-up Spirit Stones.

2) Clear the Blackhole Swirly Match 1 time(Reward: 1 Blackhole Swirly)

  • Open only 4 days (Wednesday - Saturday) and you can only clear the match once per week.
  • Please note that Blackhole Swirlies can be used for 7-Star Evolutions.

3) Successfully complete a Special Training 1 time (Reward: 5-Star Mera)

(1)  You can now increase the MAX level of 5-Star players to Lv. 60

  • You need the following materials to perform Special Training.

5-Star Player with Lv. 50


  • The Player can use 2 more Skill Points and the player's status will increase when he/she reaches Lv.60.

(2) Characters with 4-Stars or below can increase the grade with Special Training.

  • You can  now increase a player's grade up to 5-Star (7-Star including Evolution) regardless of their grade.
  • Increased grade will show with yellow stars and increased grade from Evolution will be shown with red stars.

A character that has been Evolved once can have up 6-Stars and a character that has been Evolved twice can have up to 7-Stars.

4) Disassemble a Rainbow Elemental 1 time (Reward: 3-Star Kuma)

  • The Rainbow Elemental is able to Disassemble Superb Powered-up characters.
  • The character is disassembled according to the Superb Power-up level when disassembled.
  • Please note that Rainbow Elementals can be used for 7-Star Evolutions.

All rewards are sent to your inbox when you complete the mission only once.

3. Make In-app purchases and get Mera as a reward! (Jan. 14th after the mainenance - Jan. 25th 7amPST)

  • Get a 3-Star Mera as a reward for making an In-app purchase during the event regardless of the price for the first purchase!
  • Get additional 3-Star Meras for every purchase of $29.99!(Up to 10 times)

Ex. Make a purchase of $300 and you'll get 11 3-Star Meras total as a reward.

3-Star Mera will be sent on Jan. 28th during the server maintenance.

4. Guerilla Even!

1) Gold/EXP Bonus Event (Jan. 18th 7am - Feb. 1st 7am PST)

Get 2x Gold/EXP during the event in the Story Mode.

(Mon. ~ Thr.)

  • Gold Bonus: 8am ~ 9am / 8pm ~ 9pm PST
  • EXP Bonus: 2am ~ 3am / 2pm ~ 3pm PST

Fri.: 2am ~ 3am (EXP) / 8am ~ 9am (Gold) / 4pm ~ 5pm (EXP)

Sat,: 0am ~ 1am (Gold) / 8am ~ 9am (EXP) / 4pm ~ 5pm (Gold)

Sun.:  0am ~ 1am (EXP) / 8am ~ 9am (Gold) / 2pm ~ 3pm (EXP) / 8pm ~ 9pm (Gold)

2) 2x the chance of getting Swirlies (Jan. 30th 7am ~ Feb. 1st 7am PST)

  • The chance of getting Swirlies from the Weekend Match is doubled only during the event!

3) 2x the chance of getting Elementals (Jan. 18th 7am ~ Jan. 30th 7am PST)

  • The chance of getting Elementals will be doubled only during the event!


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