Celebrating 200 Days of Global Service

Hi, it's Com2uS!

We're nearing 200 days since we've launched global service!

Thank you for playing Soccer Spirits, and we promise to provide even better service in the coming future!

With gratitude, we've prepared a special event to celebrate the 200 days of global service!

Event Schedule
-Apr. 10th 8am - Apr. 17th 8am PDT

Event Details

1. 200 day Celebration Gift! (For one day only on April. 11th 8am - Apr. 12th 8am PDT)

- Get 200 Crystals just by logging in!

※ The Crystals will be sent to your inbox and will be stored for up to 7 days. (Once per account)
※ The gift of Crystals will only be available at the global server.

2. Hot Time Event Returns!

The 3 Hot Time events have return in celebration of 200 days of global service!

1) Doubled XP & Gold (Apr. 10th 8am - Apr. 17th 8am PDT)

(Mon. ~ Thr.)
- Gold Bonus: 9am ~ 10am / 9pm - 10pm PDT
- EXP Bonus: 3am - 4am / 3pm ~ 4pm PDT
Fri. : 3am ~ 4am (EXP) / 9am ~ 10am (Gold) / 5pm ~ 6pm (EXP)
Sat. : 1am ~ 2am (Gold) / 9am ~ 10am (EXP) / 5pm ~ 6pm (Gold)
Sun. : 1am ~ 2am (EXP) / 9am ~ 10am (Gold) / 3pm ~ 4pm (EXP) / 9pm ~ 10pm (Gold)

2) Doubled Elemental Drops (Apr. 12th 8am - Apr. 17th 8am PDT)

3) Doubled Swirly Drops at Weekend Matches (Apr 10th 8am - Apr.12th 8am PDT)

※ The Hot Time event will be available for both Korean and Global servers.

Thank you for playing Soccer Spirits!

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