Updates are patches to improve the game by nerfing and buffing players, fixing bugs, adding or replacing contents.

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Latest Update(s)Edit

September 19th 2018 Patch Notes

Past UpdatesEdit

September 5th 2018 Patch Notes

August 22nd 2018 Patch Notes

August 8th 2018 Patch Notes

Developer's Note - July 2018

July 25th 2018 Patch Notes

July 11th 2018 Patch Notes

June 27th 2018 Patch Notes

June 13th 2018 Patch Notes

May 30th 2018 Major Patch Notes - Awakening Stars

Developer’s Note – May Major Update 2018

May 16th 2018 Patch Notes

May 2nd 2018 Patch Notes

April 18th 2018 Patch Notes

April 4th 2018 Patch Notes

March 21st 2018 Patch Notes

March 7th 2018 Patch Notes

February 26th 2018 Patch Notes

February 21st 2018 Patch Notes

February 7th 2018 Patch Notes

January 31st 2018 Patch Notes

January 17th 2018 Patch Notes

January 3rd 2018 Patch Notes

December 20th 2017 Patch Notes

December 6th 2017 Patch Notes

November 22nd 2017 Multiverse Major Patch Notes

November 8th 2017 Patch Notes

Developer's Notes - November 2nd 2017

October 25th 2017 Patch Notes

October 11th 2017 Patch Notes

September 27th 2017 Patch Notes

September 13th 2017 Patch Notes

Developer's Notes - September 7th 2017

August 16th 2017 Major Patch Notes

Soccer Spirits Developer's Notes - May 12th

August 2nd 2017 Patch Notes

July 19th 2017 Patch Notes

July 5th 2017 Patch Notes

June 21st 2017 Patch Notes

Additional Notice on the Galaxy Super League Errors

June 7th 2017 Patch Notes

May 24th 2017 Major Patch Notes

May 12th Error Info & Compensation Notices

Soccer Spirits Developer's Notes - May 12th

May 10th 2017 Patch Notes

April 26th 2017 Patch Notes

April 12th 2017 Patch Notes

March 29th 2017 Patch Notes

March 22nd 2017 Patch Notes

March 15th 2017 Patch Notes

Character Recall Policy Changes

March 1st 2017 Patch Notes

Soccer Spirits Developer's Notes - Feb. 21st

February 15th 2017 Update Details

1,000 Days of Service! - Revealing the records of Soccer Spirits!

February 1st 2017 Update Details

January 18th 2017 Update Details

January 4th 2017 Update Details

December 21st 2016 Update Details

December 7th 2016 Star Burst Major Update Details

November 23rd 2016 Update Details

November 9th 2016 Update Details

October 26th 2016 Update Details

October 12th 2016 Update Details

September 28th 2016 Update Details

Character Illustration Modification Notice - Renee, Alkyde, Sigmund & Sigmund

September 11th 2016 Update Details

August 31st 2016 Update Details

August 17th 2016 Update Details

August 3rd 2016 Update Details

1.27.0 Update Details - Seventh Star

Soccer Spirits Update: Seventh Star

July 20th 2016 Update Details

July 6th 2016 Update Details

June 22nd 2016 Update Details

Character Image Modification Notice - Sue

1.26.6 Update Patch Notes

June 8th 2016 Update Details

May 25th 2016 Update Details

May 11th 2016 Update Details

April 27th 2016 Update Details

Character Illustration Modification Notice - Victoria

Character Recall Policy Modification Notice

April 13th 2016 Update Details

Character Image Modification Notice - Z088 Beta

April 7th 2016 Update Details

March 30th 2016 Update Details

Club Match Preview

March 17th 2016 Major Update Details

March 9th 2016 Update Details

February 24th 2016 Update Details

February 10th 2016 Update Details

January 27th 2016 Update Details

January 13th 2016 Update Details


December 30th Update Details

December 16th Update Details

December 2nd Major Update Details

November 18th Update Details

November 4th Update Details

October 21st Update Details

October 7th Update Details

September 23rd Update Details

September 17th Update Details

September 9th Update Details

September 2nd Update Details

August 19th Update Details

Celebrating the Club & Skin System Update

August 12th Update Details

August 5th Update Details

July 29th Summer Season Huge Update Patch Notes

July 22nd Update Details

July 15th Update Details

July 8th Update Details

July 1st Update Details

June 24th Update Details

June 17th Update Details

June 10th Update Details

Soccer Spirits Season 2 full trailer!

Issues Regarding the 1 Year Anniversary Major Update

1 Year Anniversary Huge Update

May 27th Update Details

Spring Season Rival Poll

Soccer Spirits Season 2 Animated Short Teaser Release

May 20th Update Patch Note

1 Year Anniversary Huge Update