Notice warning This guide is extremely out of date.
Notice warning Please note that the following guide is made for beginner players, by fellow players.

Getting StartedEdit

When you start the game and after all the updates and downloading, whether or not to play as a guest or a registered HIVE user, then enter your nickname. After that the character selection screen will appear.


You can choose either Sam or Noa. Both Sam and Noa are strikers. The only differences are their starting team, trainer, and stats; though both function almost identical with almost identical effects. Really, it's just about preference. If you do want some kind of advantage however, one of Noa's starting units (Wayne) can be very rare, but won't really influence your gameplay.

You will be shown their starting team and trainer along with their stats before being forced to choose. Sam is from Legend Tiger so his Guide will be Selena, while Noa, from The Champions, will have Eve as her Guide (the guide who will show up is the girl in the main menu).


Both character's starting teams are similar, so don't worry. You can always change your team members/ace later. After you've selected your member, you will jump into a tutorial screen. Both trainers have the same effect. Most basic trainers provide passive stats to players and a +3 ST bonus every 4 hours, but you have to confirm it.

4 soccer spirits

Follow the tutorial from Eve (or Selena if you've chosen Sam) you will learn game mechanics and content.


Sponsor from free mission

The Sponsor provides a small amount of gold boost for every battle you partake in and 3000 gold every 4 hours. You can get her from the mission free match [1-14] to get her you need to get a score of at least 7600 or more. Don't bother wasting exp/gold evolving you only get 1.5k more gold per use, only improves the skill and you have to use 100k+ exp to hit level 30. She loses her bra when evolved though... so there's that.

Team GuideEdit

Your soccer team consists of 10 Players + 1 Friend/Assist

There are 3 Forward, 3 Midfielders, 3 Defenders, and 1 Goalkeeper along with a Friend/Assist that can enter any position but Goalkeeper.

In Galaxy League (PvP), which is unlocked at level 10, you can use 11 of your own players. If you don't have enough players on your team, you won't be able to start the game. This team will be on your 5th team slot.


General TipsEdit

  1. If you want to level up your players, go to Shop > Match and buy a Penguin match that attribute's matches with the player you want to level up. While it cost some crystals, Penguin matches offer a lot of EXP and decent amount of gold. Just buy them wisely so you don't end up wasting all your crystals.
  2. Training a material player of the same attribute of the selected player will grant a 50% boost. Make sure to always use it to your advantage.
  3. Don't waste any Glory Points (GP) trying to get any 3 star trainers, scouts, or sponsors. You will get many of the trainers from the free match rewards. You will get Lohengrin and other managers easily through re-challenging Story Mode. You can swap managers to make use of their passives. The managers' active skills will get reset every time you swap them, but it's not worth worrying if the effect is dismissible (e.g. 3BP).
  4. It is recommended that you buy some inventory slots (as you need them).
  5. There are tons of upgrading materials and Swirly cards which you will eventually get. The Swirly cards give a random stat boost if fed to a player card. Save the Swirly cards for 5-star units and above as these are far harder to train and level than the 4-star or lower cards. Be careful as they work with a % success rate which is shown when you add a swirly. You may need to add more than 1 swirly to succeed, and even at 90% you can still fail. This makes it advisable to aim for 100% (either 1 5-star swirly or many smaller swirlies). Do this wisely, as feeding Swirlies can be a major gold sink.
  6. Don't forget that you can either feed 3-star units to other units or sell them for twelve Glory Points (GP) each. It is highly recommended that you sell these 3-star cards instead of sacrificing them because Glory Points are extremely valuable. Scouting with GP will be your most reliable source of good players.
  7. You can check an enemy team's ability in the screen before starting. This may help you adjust your team to beat the opponents, if your team's abilities are nearly the same as the enemies.

Loading Screen TipsEdit


Selena QuotesEdit

"Oh, me? I'm Selena and I'll be your guide from now on."

"Sit back and relax!"

"Leave it to me! I'll get it done soon enough!"

"Collecting Data"

"Hang in there!"

"This is a chance for us to get to know each other, you know?"

"Are you getting bored?"

"The files are working hard! Go, files, go!"

"Achoo! I almost just deleted a file by accident!"

"Try screaming Download complete!"

"Any day now..."

"Stop tapping on the screen!"


"I came from far, far away."

"I came from a place far away. Further than you can imagine."

Selena Loading Screen GuideEdit

  • Try a long pass if you can't get through the middle line.
  • You can trade your Evolved player with Superb Power-up Lv.5 for a character of the same grade.
  • You can start Superb Power-up by training with the same characters, for which you'll receive a bonus for all the stats and an additional skill bonus.
  • You can evolve your player when the player reaches Lv.50. The MAX stats limit is increased and the player gets new skills when Evolved.
  • Game notices and events are brought to you by Selena and Eve.
  • You can get Swirlies used for increasing player stats by playing in the Weekend matches in Space -Time Continuum.
  • You can get extra Gold by playing in he Weekend matches in Space -Time Continuum.
  • You can get Penguin used as EXP material by playing in the Guerrilla matches in Space -Time Continuum.
  • You can get Elementals used for Evolution by playing in the Daily Matches in Space -Time Continuum.
  • All matches in Space -Time Continuum can be played in Auto Mode.
  • You can play the chapters you already cleared in Auto Mode.
  • Your MAX ST, MAX BP, and MAX No. of friends increase when your Rank goes up.
  • Your ST and BP are fully charged when your Rank goes up.
  • You can collect Crystals according to the characters you acquire by going to the Character Menu in Management.
  • Rewards for Colosseum of Despair can be collected 12 hours after the ranking reset.
  • You can use up to 3 Globes for free for scouting. Globes are recharged every 2 hours.
  • You can use up to 4 Battle Balls for free for Galaxy Super league. Battle Balls are recharged every 30 minutes.
  • ST is recharged every 5 minutes and BP is recharged every 3 minutes.
  • You can Power-up up to +160 and each stats can be Powered-up up to +40. (Manager stats excluded)
  • One of the stats will increase by 5 if you use Beelzebub as the training material.
  • Use Kuma or Evolved Kuma as training material to get a lot of EXP.
  • You can start Superb Training by using Littre as material for a character of 4-Stars or lower.
  • Rival and Boss characters can't be traded or sold for GP.
  • You can get GP by selling players of 3-Star of higher and managers.
  • You can get Crystals by Evolving your players.
  • The inflicted damage decreases and the Cooperative Defence chance increases with high Defence.
  • The chances of stealing the ball increases with high Technique.
  • The penetration damage is decreased by 50% for goalkeepers.
  • When you pass, the Attack Power of the player that receives the pass is increased.