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Advanced Guide 2.0 Edit

Hi there! Welcome to the the Advanced Guide 2.0. This guide will cover more information that aren't covered in the Beginner's Guide and H3R0's Intermediate Guide.The Advanced Guide will cover a general team build, stat explanation, and various minor topics that seems relevant

Things to note before continuing to read this guide.

  • This guide may not contain all the information that you may be searching for.
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  • Please use this guide for guidance and nothing more. The best way of playing a game is by playing it the way you want to.

Team BuildingEdit

This section is the general outline for a team.

General Team Building:Edit

Front Row

Most players will use: ONE Striker, ONE Assist, ONE Totem in no particular order.

Why only one Striker and not two, or three?
One striker is sufficient in a team. It is better to have a single striker so that you can maximize the damage that the Striker is able to do.

Why an Assist?
The main purpose of the Assist is to pass the ball to the Striker providing the Striker with higher attack power.

Why a Totem?
Well first off, what is a totem?
A totem is a term used in this game to refer to a player that has buff/debuffs that affects the current position.

For the front row there are a few passive abilities that you want in a totem. Many of these skills will focus on increase the damage output of your Striker one of two ways: Buff your Striker or Debuff the enemy. Example of such abilities are Guinevere's Gather, Silla's Light Formation, or Celus's Stance of Pride.
In addition to passive skills there are active abilities that will assist in increasing the damage of your Striker. Such skills are Elaine's Agent Sight or Ernesto's Harmony of the Elements.
The use of a totem will greatly increase your Striker's damage output.

Middle Row

You can put any roles in this position. Because there can be 20 different combinations here from the 6 roles (Assist, Attacker, Defender, Goalkeeper, Leader, Striker) there can be some confusion at what role is best suited for the Middle Row (Mid). The simple answer is choose the players with the highest Reflex stat or abilities that affect the Reflex stat. Examples of abilites are Victoria's Pressure Strategy or Metatron's Light and Dark

Reflex is arguably the most important stat for this position. Reflex will be a major factor as to whether your team is able to hold/steal the ball from the opposing team. There are other attributes that contribute to a good Mid but if you are just starting off building a team, looking at Reflex is a good start.

Back Row

The Goalkeeper is the most important player here. If your Goalkeeper's life drops to zero on a Shoot, you will lose the match.
When choosing players to put into this position, focus on players that will support your Goalkeeper. This will mainly be in the form of totem players. Examples of abilities that you should look for are Kevin's Strategic Superiority and Duran's Forbidden Area. Passive abilities that increase your Goalkeeper's survivability, like reducing the damage taken, increase HP, reducing the enemy's offensive capabilities, are important when deciding what players to put in the Back Row.

A word of advice is good have a way of bringing the ball back to the Mid or the Front. Having an "unkillable" Goalkeeper will not win you the game. Beating the other team's Goalkeeper will win you the game (Tie games in PVP is a different matter). So try to find a totem that will also help in breaking through the enemy's front row.

Stats Edit

This section will cover stats.


Power: Increases dribble Attack Power and shoot Attack Power
Technique: Increases the bonus Attack Power with a pass and steal Attack Power
Vitality: Increases Defense bonus by little bit and MAX HP
Speed: The ability to move quicker

Dribble: The ability that determines basic penetration power and shoot power
Steal: The ability of a defender to steal the ball
Pass: The ability to increase the ally's ability to receive a pass
Action Speed: The ability to move quicker
Critical (Rate): The change of inflicting critical damage
Critical Damage: The increase damage with a critical hit
Decrease Damage: Decreases the damage inflicted by the enemy

Defense: The ability to decrease the inflicted damage when defending
HP: The resources to resist the inflicted damage
Reflexes: The ability that decides the counterattack rate and resistance
Recovery: The amount of HP that's recovered with time
Counterattack Resistance: The resistance rate against the enemy's attack
Critical Resistance: The resistance rate against the enemy's critical attack
Penetrate: Partially ignores the enemy's damage reduction effect

Stat Information

This subsection covers some relative information on the each of the stats

Power, Technique, Vitality, Speed:
These stats are the primary stats in determining the capabilities of your player. Ways to increase these stat even more are:

  • Superb Powerup
  • Transcendent Powerup
  • +Powerup
  • Skins
  • Managers

This stat determines the offensive capabilities of your player when they are in possession of the ball. Recommended primarily for Attackers and Strikers

This stat determines the offensive capabilities of your player when they are NOT in possession of the ball. Recommended primarily for Defenders.

This stat determines how much Attack Power the receiving player will receive on a pass. Because passing increases Attack Power, Dribble and Steal will be increased with a pass. A player will keep the Attack Power increase from a pass until the player either Steal, Penetrate, Incapacitates, or receives a new pass. A new pass will override attack power increase of the old pass. Recommended primarily for Assist.

Action Speed:
This stat determines how fast your player's Action Gauge fills up.Recommended for all (Speed is good, who wouldn't want their players to act faster!)
Taken from an old Reddit post by rtlsilva:
As the match time advances the value of the Action Speed is added and accumulated up to 3000. The player that reaches 3000 will be able to perform an action.

Critical (Rate):
See definition. Recommended for all roles except Assist and Goalkeeper.

Critcal Damage:
The damage increase is a multiplier. Example, a critical damage of 50% will deal 1.5x more damage, a critical damage of 200% will deal 3x more damage. Recommended for all roles except Assist and Goalkeeper

Decrease Damage:
Decreases the damage that your player receives by a percentage. If your player has 100% Decrease Damage they should take 0 or close to 0 damage. This stat's effectiveness is affected by the Penetrate stat. Recommended heavily for Goalkeeper

Decreases the damage that your player receives by a percentage. This stat's effectiveness is affected by the Penetrate stat. Recommended for Goalkeeper.For a deeper understanding in how Decrease Damage and Defense works (in addition to Penetrate), check out these Tables by TheJediJew

You players life. HP of 0 means your player is incapacitated. Recommended for everyone.

Reflex is very important in deciding whether a player is able to steal the ball. When a player Penetrate or Steal, the Reflex of the two players is compared. On a Penetrate, if the penetrating player's reflex is lower than the defending player, there is a chance that the defending player will steal the ball. Otherwise if the defending player has lower reflex there is no way to steal the ball unless the attacking player is incapacitated from the attack. Steal is similar. Recommended for everyone, emphasis on players in Middle Row

This stat determines how much natural HP regen your player has. As the match progresses your active players will begin to regenerate some HP. This value is determined by the Recovery stat. Not a really useful stat for anyone, maybe only Goalkeeper but that may be arguable.

Counterattack Resistance:
This stat increases the unlikelihood of being counterattacked. Recommended for Attackers

Critical Resistance:
This stat decreases the chance that the player will receive a critical hit. The amount is additive, not multiplicative. Example, a critical resistance of 100% will reduce a critical rate of 150% down to 50%. Heavily recommended for Goalkeepers

This stat allows the attacker to ignore some of the defending players defenses (Decrease Damage and Defense). See Tables by TheJediJew for numerical data. Recommended for all offensive players, heavily recommended for Strikers.

Striker Types Edit

There are two types of Strikers in the game (three if you count Long Shoot), they are Utility Strikers and OHKO (One-hit Knock Out) Strikers. These two Strikers are easily distinguishable when you look at their Active Ability.

Utility Striker

Utility strikers have a fast cooldown on their active ability. Bora, Uriel, Vonchi, for example, all have fast cooldowns on their active ability (<5 minute cooldown).

Utility Strikers focuses around getting multiple Shoots in order to win the game. The Striker's passive abilities also tend to focus on multiple shoots (see the above Utility strikers for examples of their passives).

OHKO Striker

OHKO strikers have a slower cooldown than their counterpart. Strikers like Sharr, Hiro, and William all have a relatively lengthy cooldown (>10 minute cooldown).

OHKO Strikers focuses on getting a single shot in (maybe 2) in order to win the game. The Striker's passive abilities generally focus on static damage buffs (see the above OHKO strikers for example of passives).

Active Ability Edit


Assist players can have one of three different types of Active Ability:

  • Pass
  • Forward Pass
  • Long Pass

Pass passes the ball to a player of your choice. Active Pass abilities also can increase a stat, like critical rate or penetrate, of the the receiving player. Depending on the type of team or Striker you are using, to get the most damage output, pick an Active Pass that will compliment your Striker. Example, a Striker's abilities heavily focuses on increase critical damage, so using an Active Assist that increases the critical rate is a good option. If you are planning on going mono or dual then your choice of Assists will be considerably less, but you should still consider which Assist (if you have more than one) is best suited to support your Striker. The receiving player will also recover their entire action gauge, so there may be times when holding off on an Active Pass may be the better option, as generally the Striker is also pretty close to getting a full Action Gauge.

Forward Pass advances the ball to the next row. Forward pass will restore some action gauge and also provides stat increase. There isn't much tactics with forward pass other than choosing the best player to pass too. The striker isn't always the best choice in situations where you have other abilities that you want to activate before shooting.

Long Pass advances the ball to the Forward Row. Long Passes work just like Forward Pass.


There isn't much to talk about here. Many Attackers have their own little variety of how their Active works.


There isn't much to talk about here. Like Attackers, Defenders have their own variety.


Goalkeepers have two notable set of Active Abilities. They are:

  • Block
  • Shield

Active Block attempts to reduce the damage of one shot.
Shield helps facilitate the survivability of the Goalkeeper through buffs.

Active Block do a much better job at keeping the Goalkeeper alive from OHKO Strikers, but Utility Strikers can easily have the Goalkeeper waste their Active Block.
Shields are the opposite, Goalkeepers are harder to keep alive when against OHKO Strikers, but do well against Utility Strikers.


Leaders can have one of three active abilities:

  • Strategy
  • Power-up
  • Target

Strategy provides a global buff to an entire team, either your own or the enemies.
Power-up provides a self buff to the Leader, making the player quite powerful.
Target provides a buff or debuff to a designated player.


Strikers only have one active ability: Shoot.

Still, there are at least two notable variety in the active ability. One Active Shoot buffs the Striker for one shoot. The other Active Shoot accumulates buffs on the Striker as the ability is used. These two varying Active Shoot separates OHKO Strikers from Utility Strikers.

Spirit Stones Edit

This section will cover Spirit Stones. The section on each element will cover the Rare Spirit Stones and Unique Spirit Stones for that element.

Zodiac Rune Information

Aries  Aries Zodiac Icon Increases Dribble 
Taurus  Taurus Zodiac Icon Increases Critical Rate 
Gemini  Gemini Zodiac Icon Increases Critical Damage 
Cancer  Cancer Zodiac Icon Increases Penetration Power 
Leo  Leo Zodiac Icon Increases Steal 
Virgo  Virgo Zodiac Icon Increases Defense 
Libra  Libra Zodiac Icon Increases MAX HP 
Scorpio  Scorpio Zodiac Icon Decreases Inflicted Damage 
Sagittarius  Sagittarius Zodiac Icon Increases Pass Effect 
Capricornus  Capricorn Zodiac Icon Increases Receiving Pass 
Aquarius  Aquarius Zodiac Icon Increases Reflex 
Pisces  Pisces Zodiac Icon Increases Action Speed 


Endlessly Burning Matter Endlessly Burning Matter
Decrease the critical rate of the enemies within the position
Increases the damage that enemies within the same position recieve

Teranox&#039;s Blood Teranox's Blood
Increases the attack power with a critical hit (Accumulates 3 times)
Critical rate increase

Mark of the Bond Mark of the Bond
Increases Max HP
Increases the chance of cooperative defense

Blazing Essence Blazing Essence
Increase attack power
Increase critical rate with a penetration or steal

AdvancedGuideSpiritStone |name = Ignition Catalyst |ability1 = Adds bonus to the action bar at the start (Only applies at the beginning) |ability2 = Increases the pass effect within the position }}

Dense Magma Dense Magma
Increases penetration resistance
Increases critical resistance


Protection of Mother Earth Protection of Mother Earth
Decreases the inflicted damage
Increases critical resistance

Prey&#039;s Sentence Prey's Sentence
Increases pass effect
Recovers spirit with a pass

A Wise Man&#039;s Trail A Wise Man's Trail
Increases the defense
Increases critical rate of the allies within the vertical line

Ancient Stormer Ancient Stormer
Increases the action speed
Recovers the action bar with an attack

Earth&#039;s Cry Earth's Cry
Decreases the inflicted damage for each target with an attack
Increases the Attack Power for each target with an attack

Dragon&#039;s Bone Dragon's Bone
Increases penetration power
Increases critical rate with an attack (Accumulates up to 4 times).\


Silent Cold Silent Cold
Increases pass effect
Increases critical damage within the position

Glabaris Glabaris
Increases penetration power
Increases attack power

Calm Icicle Calm Icicle
Increases the attack speed and decrease the incoming damage when NOT holding the ball
Increases attack power with an attack

Shaking Heart of Thunder Shaking Heart of Thunder
Increases the critical damage
Increases critical rate

Star&#039;s Tears Star's Tears
Increases defense and recovers the HP first when being attacked
Increases critical resistance

Lightning Speed Lightning Speed
Increases reflex
Recovers spirit with a critical hit


Thousand Watchers Thousand Watchers
Increases attack power when attacked
Increase reflex of allies within the position

Metatron&#039;s Will Metatron's Will
Recovers the action bar with an attack
Increases critical rate with an attack (Accumulates up to 4 times)

Shard of Balmung Shard of Balmung
Increases critical damage with an attack (Accumulates up to 4 times)
Increases the receiving pass effect

Ermaltion Ermaltion
Increases MAX HP
Increases critical resistance

Paradise of Light Paradise of Light
Increases MAX HP and Attack Power
Increases game reward EXP (individual)

Bond of Silence Bond of Silence
Increases pass effect
Recovers the action bar with a pass


Essence of Greed Essence of Greed
Recovers the action bar and spirit with an attack
Increases receiving pass effect

Encompassing Soul Encompassing Soul
Increases the critical damage
Recovers HP by percentage of the inflicted damage with a critical hit (Recovers HP first)

Presty&#039;s Clockwork Presty's Clockwork
Increases critical damage resistance
Increases critical resistance

Fontus&#039;s Tissue Sample Fontus's Tissue Sample
Increases the attack power
Increases counterattack resistance

Battalion Battalion
Decreases the inflicted damage when you have the ball
Increases attack power and decreases incoming damage when being attacked

Evolved Addiction Evolved Addiction
Increases the action speed
Decreases the critical resistance of enemies within the vertical line